Instagram rolls out new Following Categories feature

Instagram makes it easy to let you remove from the feed that you do not want to see.

Instagram has just introduced a new feature in its platform called Following Categories. This feature, by the photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, in the followings list of a profile allows users to see updates from the people they love or whom they care about. 

Whenever the user opens Instagram, they will get to see the updates from the people in the home feed. The all-new Following Categories feature breaks down the accounts you follow as per your interaction level. Instagram announced the feature on Feb 6 through its twitter account.

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Previously, the algorithm of Instagram does allow people to see the things as per their interest level depending on what they search for the most, whom they follow, and which updates they like the most. But still, some users want extra leverage over the algorithm. Keeping this in view that users may unfollow the unwanted people from their accounts, the company made it more easy for its people. Users are going to love their feeds from now on.

How to access Following Categories on Instagram

Users need to go to their profiles, click on the following, and there they will see the categories they want to explore. 

The feature has two options — ‘Least Interested With’ and ‘Most Shown in Feed.’ 

With the ‘Least Interested With’ choice, one can manage to remove people they do not like to see them from time to time, as they are not important to you. 

On the other hand, with the “Most Shown in Feed” option, one is able to choose the loved ones he really likes to see in feed the thoughts and moments one share in posts. This way, one can also mute or unfollow a profile which is appearing more frequently in the feed. 

Available to all users

The ‘Following Categories’ is available now for both the new and the old users, around the world. Head of Instagram, former head of News Feed and the designer, Adam Mosseri, also took to his twitter account to expose the news and clears out how to access the new feature. 

Adam mentioned that they had tested the new feature for both before rolling it out to make sure that the company understands the effects of the major changes made with this new feature activation. 

Featured image: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek/Getty

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