WhatsApp introduces smart bulk delete messages feature

Freeing up Whatsapp space usage has now become much easier.

WhatsApp has finally modified its store management tool to provide a better user experience. Currently, the WhatsApp storage tool allows deleting all the media – photos, videos, files – of chats in bulk. However, the bulk delete now gets smarter with the latest update of WhatsApp.

The new app update offers filters to groups all the data in to “Forwarded many times” and “Larger than 5 MB” sections. So, tapping on these options opens up the respective media in a gallery, and makes the content easy to identify for user and delete all at once.

Forwarded many times option, as the name suggests, allows you to delete photos, videos, and files according to the scale of storage, such as the messages taking up the most storage but are forwarded many times – creating duplicates. Similarly, it will show Larger than 5 MB messages, to show large messages which you can further sort by Newest, Oldest, or Largest. You can multiselect the messages or apply the search filters provided by WhatsApp in latest update.

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This is handy as previously in WhatsApp the bulk delete feature used to clear all at once from a chat or group chat, which was really unfriendly. On the other hand, deleting one by one was extensive and time-consuming.

The updated “Manage Storage” tool offers the content to be deleted in an epigrammatic way. Users can utilize smart bulk deletion by following these steps in the settings.

Settings → Storage & Data → Manage Storage 

The “Manage Storage” screen will show two new sections, i.e., Forwarded many times and Larger than 5 MB. The sections will also show the total amount of storage these messages are taking. In the third section below it, WhatsApp will show the classically styled list of all the chats users or groups. These are grouped by order of storage space, and you can delete such messages individually or in bulk, similarly.

You may need to get your hands on the updated WhatsApp version if it does not still appear for you. You can navigate to the app Settings by tapping on the three-dot menu in Android or selecting Settings in the bottom bar for iPhones.

Featured image: Thomas Trutschel/Getty

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