Hawkeye Post-Credit Scene Explained

Hawkeye’s director was left in the dark with the show’s unique take on end credit scene.

Are you one of those Marvel fans who sat through the entirety of Hawkeye, waiting to see what adventure beholds your favorite superhero? If you felt disappointed seeing the Hawkeye post-credit scene, you’re not the only one. 

Post-credit scenes keep the audience glued to their screen, even after the show. It gives them an insight into the next big thing to expect from the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Disney+ shows are jumping on the bandwagon of post-credit scenes. Loki and Wanda Vision are the perfect examples.  These end-credit scenes have become the studio’s signature and help them set apart from the crowd. 


In the opening scene of Hawkeye, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) takes his family to see the New York Broadway play. This play was called Rogers: The Musical, which featured the retelling of Captain America’s life. 

The audience didn’t make much of it until the Hawkeye post-credit scene started playing. People were surprised when they saw the entire production of ‘Save the City’ from Rogers the Musical make a re-appearance. The song is played in its entirety from beginning to end. 

If you were shocked, you’re not alone. Even the director, Thomas Rhys wasn’t expecting to see this scene make a re-emergence. The intended purpose of the musical was to use it during the first episode of the show. The narrative behind this scene was to display Jeremy’s emotion during the musical.

Director’s Take on The Whole Post-Credit Scene

Just like you, the director was expecting something marvelous that would live up to the tradition of grandeur. Despite being in a state of confusion, Thomas backed the efforts of his entire team. He praised their dedication saying that the Hawkeye post-credit scene was a surprise for the audience keeping in mind the festive season. 

According to the director, this light-hearted credit scene takes away from the violence depicted in the show. The post credit scenes of Marvel often add a fun element to the story.

Audience’s Reaction

After the finale of Hawkeye, users took to different social media platforms to express their thoughts and feelings. However, this decision angered some, whereas others were happy that Marvel took a different route. But, you can now watch the show on your Disney+ account before all the spoilers get to you. 

Let us know your thoughts about the Hawkeye post-credit scene.

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