Quick Ways of Increasing Ecommerce Sales in 2023

Add these effective tactics to your ecommerce toolbox to boost sales

Future shopping experiences are going to be ruled by online shopping. Ecommerce is an ever-changing industry with a sight to touch all the heights of future shopping. It is also expected that this industry will see a boom in the future and forfeit the brick-and-mortar business. This makes it quite evident that retailers will permanently ditch physical stores and switch to ecommerce businesses. In this post we will walk you through the best tactics for increasing ecommerce sales in 2023. 

So, if you want or already have an ecommerce store and are seeking ways to increase its sales, you have arrived at the right place. Launching an ecommerce store is already a step forward toward a thriving future for a business. You might have picked new trends and latest web designs ready to roll on. But, sometimes, the results are not overwhelming. For this purpose, you need an established and well-thought strategy to increase ecommerce sales. 

You should know that increasing ecommerce sales is not as difficult as you think. With a combination of innovative techniques and thought leadership, you will get results. Trends are constantly changing and structured according to the needs of people. To streamline and increase ecommerce sales, you need efficient tools to help your business grow like never before.

We are here to help you understand how you can increase ecommerce sales in 2023 and stand as an established player. We will break down the top trends that will impact your business. 

Tactics to Improve and Increase Ecommerce Sales 

Focus on Improving Brand Awareness 

Brand Awareness is the first step toward a successful business. Nobody knows if your brand exists in the market if you don’t have an effective awareness strategy. Brand awareness impacts trust, which influences interest and translates interest into potential leads. It means if people know about your brand, there will be a high chance of sales growth.¬†

The key to executing your brand awareness strategy is to focus on quality. Some key techniques to raise brand awareness are creating high-quality content, connecting with influencer marketers, running paid campaigns and many more. 

Try A/B Testing 

For an effective ecommerce business, your website should be responsive in all departments. Images, headlines, tags, description and overall website performance. To know how to improve in all these departments, you need to have an A/B testing. 

To boost ecommerce sales, you need to focus on these testing areas. Mobile optimization and UX experience. 

Your website should be optimized for mobile and responsive for effective sales growth. We have seen that shopping using mobile phones has increased exponentially in the past few years. More and more businesses are optimizing their operations for mobile and experiencing YoY growth. You need a responsive website to load faster. It also entices mobile shoppers. 

You can not miss out on a compelling user experience for your business. You need responsive, clutter-free and smooth check-out processes. A user should not feel exhausted when browsing your website. Allow them to navigate through your website to complete purchases smoothly. 

If you believe your website is doing great with all its operations, there’s always room for A/B testing. 

Here’s a key to conducting A/B testing and making changes accordingly. Start with small changes, and do not implement a holistic website redesign. You will not get a hint of what to change or what’s practical. It is advisable to test two areas every month to make a decision. 

Use SEO to Reach Maximum Audience

Optimizing your business for search engines improves and increases ecommerce sales. It boosts organic traffic, especially if you rank on the top page of Google for a specific keyword.

Driving traffic to the website is the ultimate purpose of an ecommerce business. SEO-optimized content and plugins help your business grow and appear in search engine results. More prominent appearances mean more chances of attracting traffic. You can choose different SEO tools and plugins to streamline your process. SEO includes keywords, backlinks, content and many other components to stand out. 

Pro Tip: You are saving on paid campaigns/ads when someone lands on your website with organic search. Use SEO optimized content, add high authority backlinks for promotion of your website. 

Show Your Best-Selling Product 

Shoppers spend on products whatsoever. To entice shoppers, you need to showcase your best-selling items. You can use social media platforms, emails and messages to show your best products. Most businesses use influencer marketing posts using their best products. They post videos and run paid sponsored posts on different social channels to attract people. 

Moreover, if you have CTAs, your landing page must display your hottest products. The first impression of your website plays a great role. This way you are giving a clear path to the visitor to enter your dynasty. This is the first thing visitors will see which develops interests and converts into leads. 

Heat Mapping 

Heat mapping is one impressive tactic to navigate where your visitors hang around the most. It could be your landing page, home pages and blog posts. It will help you determine which page to optimize to attract and engage traffic simultaneously.

Using a heat map, the business can observe people’s interests and what they love. Heat mapping gives you a complete picture of visitors’ behavior towards products and services. It will help you analyze demographics, the number of visitors and the clicks they made. 

Once you know where your visitors spend most of their time, you will better analyze which area to optimize. You will be better positioned to optimize the specified page or offer on social media. It will generate interest and eventually help in generating leads and conversions. 

Best Tools For Increasing Ecommerce Sales

Increasing sales is not straightforward, but comes with many challenges. It is not always easy to stand out in a huge ecommerce marketplace. Challenges like if users are reaching your website through search results among fierce competition.

Using effective ecommerce tools will make your business reach the maximum audience and generate leads. Whether your business needs automation, customer services or whatnot, you need tools. You can find tools as per your budget and requirements. There’s a tool for every need. 


Most ecommerce retailers look for smooth and easy-to-use store functionalities. Shopify is hard to ignore when it comes to creating your website. It’s a one stop solution for all your ecommerce requirements. From its store builder to smooth integration and increasing sales features. The best thing is it doesn’t require you to be an expert. Its step-by-step guide makes it all easy to set up plugins to increase store sales. 


We know social media channels are great ways to reach the maximum eyeballs. These platforms are ideal for attracting new and even existing customers. Hootsuite is a platform that gives an overview of social media. It helps you create, schedule and publish posts across all social channels. Your audience will see the same promotions, posts and updates. You can also measure the engagement level of the post that you have posted. When you know what your audience wants, you apply those techniques to meet their requirements. This results in increasing ecommerce sales. 


Email marketing is not going away anytime soon. Since many businesses still use emails to attract customers, Mailchimp does it all for you. Emails are one of the best sources of generating valuable ROI. Mailchimp helps your business take great advantage of this source of generating sales. 

It’s an email marketing platform. It generates automated emails about your products and all the recent updates of your store. Using this tool, you can specify your audience and customize templates to entice users. And leave on Mailchimp to do the rest of the job. You may reach out to customers who left their carts, offer tailored notifications, promote deals, increase sales and more.¬†

Mailchimp: Ecommerce Platform (Source: Ecommerce Platforms)


Like email marketing, SMS campaigns are another great way to connect to your audience. This tool is affordable and complements all budgets. With the help of this tool, you can streamline the process and grow your ecommerce sales. 

This specified ecommerce tool helps generate automated SMS to promote your products and services. It enables automated processes for email communication, SMS, push notifications, and other services.


This ecommerce tool specializes in paid ad campaigns for the store. It is one of the best choices of ecommerce retailers for initiating paid campaigns. This tool runs on different social media platforms, e.g., Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Google ads.

You may create custom optimization rules to automatically optimize the efficiency of your campaign. AdEspresso’s user-friendly development method also allows you to create dynamic solid adverts.


Zendesk is a great ecommerce customer services tool for keeping track of queries. It helps you streamline complaint services for your ecommerce operations. It offers efficient chatbot services for prompt replies with an easy user interface. 

For more effective results, it offers complete analytics and reports to identify any glitches in your customer services. They are consistent and automated across all platforms. It lets you operate on social media and email listing. Any person with little tech knowledge could use Zendesk. It is easy to use. It doesn’t need you to be tech-savvy. 

With cutting-edge chatbot services, it solves more than 90% of queries. It is a great number hence releasing stress on the customer services team. Chatbots like Zendesk are available 24/7 for support which increases the conversion rate. What’s the plus? The chatbot services are available in more than 100+ languages by keeping personalization intact. 

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is expected to take the lead in 2023 in an ecommerce business. More than 7 billion people use mobile phones, meaning more than 80% of the population owns mobile phones. It is good news for ecommerce retailers that more people will shop through smartphones. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is taking the lead in almost every industry for its predictive abilities. It greatly impacts ecommerce business as it evaluates consumer behavior and helps you make considerate decisions. Artificial intelligence reduces manual workload and supports businesses in speeding up daily operations. This technology will help boost business operations efficiently. For instance, some of the leading artificial intelligence solutions for ecommerce are chatbots and personalized ad campaigns. 

Different Payment Methods

The seamless checkout process is a sigh of relief for a customer. Streamline process means reducing steps till checkout. To satisfy customers’ journey, it is to offer diverse payment methods. Complicated payment methods often lead to cart abandonment. 

Now 50% of transactions are made from digital wallets. The effective and consistent use of digital wallets has made them the world’s most widely used mode of payment. It is expected to expand in 2023. More innovative payment modes will be available for a smooth payment journey. Some standard payment modes are digital wallets, buy now pay later, cards, vouchers and online banking.¬†

Improve cart abandonment rate with digital wallets (Source: FastSpring)


It comes without surprise that brands are shifting to a sustainable business framework. It is expected to grow in 2023 as customers’ demand for sustainable products increases. If your business hasn’t adopted a sustainable strategy, it is the peak time.

Increasing Ecommerce Sales: Get Super Efficient

As discussed above, each tactic and tool is efficient in its way. When used efficiently, it will fuel your ecommerce store with a sales boost. Some techniques can perform solo flights, while others need assistance getting on the roll. Moreover, using ecommerce tools reduces cart abandonment, streamlines processes, automates tasks, and increases sales. 

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