Best Practices for B2B Social Media Strategy

Take your B2B business to new heights in 2022 through social media marketing!

Social media is pretty much the biggest channel for businesses in today’s marketing world. No matter what type of business you’re running, there’s a way for you to leverage social media. For the longest time, B2C businesses have reigned over social media. But times are changing. B2B businesses are making their mark in the social media space. Just look at Google’s Instagram page. It’s fun, and interactive and utilizes some great marketing strategies. If you’re looking to set up a social media strategy for your B2B business, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll teach you how. 

What Is B2B Social Media Marketing? 

We all know what social media marketing is. But it isn’t the same for every business. B2B is a different kind of business model that we don’t get to interact with in our normal lives. Even on social media, you’ll mostly see marketing content for B2C businesses. So what is B2B social media marketing? 

A B2B model is where one business sells goods and services to another. Since the end user is different in this case, so will all the marketing and selling strategies involved. The target audience is other businesses that won’t be convinced by flowery words or pretty pictures. But that doesn’t mean social media isn’t for B2B businesses. It’s just as effective as any. 

B2B social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to market B2B products to leads and clients. A recent study by Gartner has concluded that B2B buyers spend about 27% of their consideration time researching online. They would rather avoid dealing with sales reps. 

Why Is Social Media Strategy Essential for B2B Businesses?

There’s no denying that social media is a top-performing channel for businesses that sell to consumers. But B2B is different. People here have already assumed that social media is a lost cause. And email or other professional channels are more important. But that isn’t true at all. As we’ve said before, social media can have just as brilliant results in B2B as it does in B2C. 

What B2B marketers need to understand is that they’re not targeting other businesses. Their primary target are the decision-makers in these businesses. And these people are just as likely to be on social media as other consumers. They use the same platforms, follow the same influencers and engage with brands. So it makes sense to use these platforms to target these key decision-makers. 

Best Practices for B2B Social Media Marketing 

When strategizing for social media, you have to carefully consider your options. Social media is like a vast ocean, and there are many ways to cross through. B2C marketing has multiple strategies, but a lot of them won’t be as effective for B2B businesses. 

Here are some best practices for B2B social media marketing: 

Understand Your Target Audience

The first task of every marketer is to know who they’re targeting. Audience research is the key to every marketing strategy, be it social media or any other. It’s essential to remember that your target is a person, not a company. 

Your business probably already has clients sorted into categories. This helps in creating client personas. Before you start creating social media content, you must understand these personas. Who are they? What motivates them? What are the key factors in their decision-making process? Knowing these will help you create specialized content that caters to their interests and motivations. Thus, you’ll have a higher chance of a conversion. 

Choose the Right Platforms

Which platform you choose will have a significant effect on your marketing strategy and the results it produces. Every platform has distinct qualities, such as user demographics. As such, using different platforms will bring about unique results. 

You need to find out which platforms your ideal buyer is using the most. Most people have one favorite social media site. Figuring out which is critical. Additionally, some platforms are much more B2B friendly than others. Marketing on them will be much more effective. For example, LinkedIn. This site is considered to be the most effective B2B marketing channel. Since its target user base is professionals and businesses, your content will serve much better here. LinkedIn is also perfect for driving engagement and building personal relationships with your leads. If you’re looking to target a younger audience, such as millennials, Snapchat and Instagram are the right answer. 

Share Great Content

Most B2B businesses think direct selling is the best method for their business. But great content is just as good as any. Content is at the heart of social media. The better content you make, the easier it will be to touch your audience’s heartstrings. 

B2B content doesn’t have to be boring with a lot of data and information. It’s true that educational and informative content is the best. But you can present it in a fun and interactive way. Make short-form videos or an infographic to share information that your leads would want to hear. 

Another thing to consider is that B2B professionals are busy people. Long-form content on social media won’t work for them. You need to publish your content in a concise manner. Get your message across without using too many words. Another idea is to post teasers with a link to the full content. 

Stay Consistent

Our last tip for you is to remain consistent. Social media is all about creating a connection with your audience. And to that, they need to see and hear your brand name frequently. For this, you have to be consistent with your social media presence. 

Use a social media tool that offers a great calendar feature. Creating a social calendar will help you manage and track your posts regardless of how frequent you are. These tools also offer automation. By automating and scheduling your posts, you’ll have much more time to think about your next piece of content. 

But remaining consistent can be tough. Not only do you have to create content and post it, but you also have to track them and engage with your followers. Hence, set a pace that is comfortable for you. Posting once a day is a good starting point. 

Create Your B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy Today!

B2B marketers need to get on the social media trend. Social media has grown too big for them to ignore it now. You can find all kinds of businesses, their decision-makers, clients and leads on these sites. As such, social media is a gold mine for marketers in every industry and business. 

Do you have a social media marketing strategy for your B2B business? Talk to us in the comments below!

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