Google fires four employees, including Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland

Tensions remain to rise between Google and its employees.

Google has terminated its four employees on the charges of violating the company’s privacy policies, data security, and employee safety.

Before this decision, Google has already put two employees on leave for allegedly breaching the confidential documents of the company. According to Google, they have tried to search and access the company’s document, which was not of their use.

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The company has sent an email to its all employees listing their reservations with the title of “Securing our data”, reported by Bloomberg.

What we know so far is that, from four, the two fired employees are Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland. They were put on leave when, earlier this month, Google has fired its one employee on data breach charge. One of them allegedly check the calendar of other employees, and the other was trying to search and accessed the confidential documents.

The rest of the two employees are yet to be disclosed, they have been fired on participating in protesting and criticizing the company on its handling of sexual harassment and to render a censored search service in China. These employees were at the center of recent employee protests in San Francisco on Friday.

Today Rebecca Rivers, in her tweet, revealed that she had been suspended from her position by Google.

Google Employees Protest

Before their dismissal, on 22nd November, In order to record their protest on indefinite administrative leave of both victims, the Google workers had arranged a walkout in San Francisco.

Both employees were also invited to address the rally and speak out for their rights.

At the rally, the other participants raised voice against Google’s decision to put their colleagues on leave. To show solidarity with activist employees, about 200 employees participated in the rally.

One of the participants expressed his view that “The company is claiming that it is for looking up calendars and documents, which is something we all do, but we know that it is punishment for speaking up for themselves and others.”

The organizer of the walkout also highlighted the contributions of both workers for Google. 

Participant emphasized by saying that Rebecca Rivers had played her important role in ending the contract with U.S Customs and Border Protection.

They also mentioned Berland’s role in organizing a worker’s campaign against the hate speech caused by YouTube.

From Background 

Long ago was the time when Google was known for its inclusive and open environment. Now, the company has been struggling for more than a year in bringing its own employees on board.

Whether it was Google’s deal with the U.S military to develop AI image recognition software for drones or it’s their decision to monitor the system of its staffers, the company always left with unpleasant consequences due to its employee’s response. 

Since the implementation of Google’s new community guidelines, this is not the first occasion when the company fired its employees. 

In the same month, Google has already fired an employee on the charges of leaking staffer details to external media reporters.

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Featured image: AP

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