Google Maps to help visually impaired people with voice

Google Maps launched a new feature to help visually impaired people across the street and stay on course.

It is good to see how technology is making the life of disabled people easy like never before. In the previous month, Samsung launched Good Vibes that assist dead-blind people to better integrate with society. Now, Google has taken a great initiative to help visually impaired people by using voice directions for them in google maps.

This initiative is taken by Ms. Wakana Sugiyama, a blind business analyst at Google. She is among the 36 million people who are blind worldwide. Besides, statistics show that 246 million have low vision. So definitely, through this latest update, Google has solved the issue of a vast community and a great human cause.

We have observed an overwhelming response from disabled people on Google’s official tweet.

Now instead of relying on others, blind people can navigate alone to get to their walking destinations with this technology. More detailed voice navigation will keep blind people on the right track. It has these amazing features:

  • Continuous reminders that they’re on the right path.
  • Make them aware when there’s a busy crosswalk ahead.
  • Like simple google driving navigation, telling them how far away their next turn is.
  • If they take a pause, then pointing them back in the right direction.

This update is for both popular mobile operating systems i.e., Android and iOS. It is currently available in the US and Japan in English and Japanese, respectively. If you want to explore it, then turn it on from Google’s map setting menu.

The company announced that this feature would be launched in other countries too shortly.

Featured image: 9to5Mac

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