Here’s Why You Should Use AI in Content Marketing 

Optimize Your Marketing Strategies With AI!

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a boom in AI-generated content used by businesses. AI tools had been surfacing moderately before ChatGPT arrived, which has turned the tables for business. With the help of these tools, you can write, design, and create documents for branding. Workflow and idea development are now easier to perform than they were previously. Not only in content generation, but AI has streamlined marketing processes too. 

So, why is AI important for content marketing? What are its benefits? How to use it? Let’s understand how AI in content marketing can streamline processes and improve efficiency of business. 

AI in Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and disseminating content pieces to different marketing channels. The content could be in different forms, e.g., text, video, social media posts, or webinars.

This whole process of marketing is a big deal when it is handled manually. Businesses have incorporated AI technology to assist them in completing tasks quickly in order to reduce manual repetitive tasks. This helped businesses to focus on other productive tasks like marketing and branding the product.

Apart from reducing time, AI enhances the quality of content marketing. It suggests ideal platforms to market your product and offer cost-effective solutions. Not only does it offer benefits to the brand but to the customers as well.

Spice Up Your Content Marketing with AI (Source: Search Engine Journal)

Ways of Using AI in Content Marketing

Leveraging AI for marketing helps businesses outperform in different departments. You can use AI in your campaigns in the following ways:

Content Creation

Developing content has always been a time-consuming task. Since the inception of AI,  it has become a matter of a few minutes. This revolutionary tech offers advanced research based on customer variables, e.g., interests and behavior. When you assign a designated keyword, it searches every bit of blogs and articles to provide a variety of information. Knowing a customer’s behavior is always essential to creating the right content. AI takes the game to the next level and helps form the right content in a short amount of time.


Gone are the days when brands used to offer one-size-fits-all solutions for their customers. Now, customers prefer more tailored products from the brand. This shift in behavior has risen over the past few years. Thanks to AI, which has multiplied the growth of businesses with more tailored offerings. The biggest revolution that AI has brought to marketing is personalized suggestions. Yes, the brands are vigorously using this technology to create personalized offers.

For example, when a customer reaches the check-out page, they might start getting more suggestions to encourage shoppers to shop more.


Another benefit that AI brings to the business is reducing repetitive tasks. Marketers used to spend so much time researching keywords, but now AI helps you provide more targeted keywords that match your campaign. For content marketing, you do not need to write every bit of copy manually; all you need to do is give an outline and let this technology perform the rest.

Enhances User Experience

When a customer gets the right support at the right time, it means they are enjoying a good experience. AI has amplified user experience by offering instant solutions to the customers. This improves loyalty and increases retention. AI Improvies front-end experience and reduces customer churn. 

Predictive Analysis 

AI helps in identifying customer behavior. Knowing about purchasing patterns helps businesses understand what customers need and are willing to buy. You do not need to exert any extra effort to manually handle surveys to know your customers. Marketers have been struggling to gather data manually since the inception of AI. Now, AI has changed the way we work. It predicts the actions of its audience based on their past behaviors. When you analyze their behavior, you can make future decisions easily.

AI Scoring and Rating

Your work needs a rating so that you can improve it and optimize it for your target audience. AI helps add value to your work by scoring your content. If your content is ranked, it helps in assessing its effectiveness. It automatically scores your content and helps save time from manually checking each post.

How to Use AI in Content Marketing 

AI can be used in different ways to bring the best outcome for your campaign. Some of the effective ways you can use AI in content marketing are given below: 


Lately, chatbots have established a strong presence in marketing campaigns. Marketers use chatbots to increase the number of visitors to their websites. This tool helps customers find the right product based on their preferences and chat with a representative. Chatbots use AI to determine visitors’ behavior. It assesses their buying behavior and makes more personalized offers. Using chatbots, you can attract the right customer to your campaign and make it stand out. 

Personalized Email Newsletters

You must have seen that businesses are leveraging newsletters to boost their marketing efforts. Sending tailored newsletters to each subscriber is a hard nut to crack. Thanks to AI, the technology has simplified this process and automated newsletter creation. Now, with AI tools, you can identify preferences and create more accurate content. You can make decisions based on a subscriber’s past purchases and downloads. Marketers must adopt this way to attract customers, so whenever a customer opens their inbox, your brand name appears at the top.

Personalized Email Newsletters to Boost Marketing (Source: HubSpot Blog)

Diverse and Dynamic Content

To make the most of your marketing, you must ensure that you create dynamic content for your business. You need to create content that resonates with different audiences. For example, if a customer belongs to different demographics, it shows the content according to their demographics. AI helps in creating dynamic content by assessing IP addresses. It modifies the CTA, the copy and visuals so that they resonate with the audience. The best outcome of using AI like this is that it enhances outreach, and the maximum audience can benefit from this.


Repurposing content to reach the maximum audience is always a good bet. Before the inception of AI, it was a time-consuming task to repurpose content for different platforms. For example, transcription of YouTube videos for blog posts and vice versa. As marketing dynamics evolved, marketers used repurposed content to enhance the reach of their content across all social media platforms.

This practice doesn’t need you to create the content all over again. You need to improvise on already-existing content for social platforms. For example, you can trim long YouTube videos into clips for TikTok and Instagram reels, and so on and so forth. Thanks to AI, it identifies the content and repurposes it according to the social media platform.

Analytics and Insights

Assessing the health of your campaign is of utmost importance. It helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign, e.g., what worked and what didn’t. This way, you remain vigilant and make adjustments for your future campaigns.

Before AI, marketers used to manually create reports by doing research and digging out data. However, AI predicts and scales the campaign’s performance and gives results in real-time.

AI offers great assistance in offering insights based on behavior,wants and statistics. You can get detailed insights about your campaign and learn how to target audiences for future campaigns. Its quality of providing real-time results, helps marketers save time and make informed decisions.

AI-Powered SEO 

Digital marketers and SEO have a deep connection. With the introduction of AI, the bond becomes even stronger. SEO plays a crucial role in every digital marketing campaign. With the help of AI, SEO practices have become easier to handle than ever before. AI-powered SEO practices include:

Keyword research that matches your campaign and generating suitable descriptions with relevant keywords

It helps you know your SEO ranking faster based on performance. Also analyze the competition and the areas in which they are performing better than you.

Repurpose content easily, and we’ll help you create all the new crisp content for your campaign by utilizing old ones.

Best AI Tools for Content Marketing

AI has gained traction in marketing, and marketers are using this tech to stand out in their campaigns. Many companies are using this technology to promote brands and businesses. Below are some reliable yet effective AI tools for content marketing:


HubSpot is a reliable, efficient, and creative AI tool for content generation. Using this tool, you can get creative ideas for content as well as suggestions to make it relevant. This tool is a one-stop shop for all AI solutions, as it efficiently performs competitor research and offers valuable insights for your campaign.

So, if you want to make your content strategy stand out, you need assistance from this tool for successful marketing.


Previously known as, Jasper offers the best AI services for successful marketing. AI in marketing has become an essential tool for attracting higher ROI and  increasing visibility. If you want to make standout copies for email, social media, articles, or landing pages, Jasper can do this for you. By only mentioning some details of your business, you can generate as many copies as you like.

Additionally, for e-commerce, it works great to generate copies for product descriptions. It can detect the product type and niche and create a copy that fits best with your product, as well as offer suggestions to choose the best one. It has a user-friendly interface, and you don’t need to be an expert to operate this tool. The only downside of this AI tool is its cost.


BrightEdge is a bright tool to streamline your SEO strategy with the support of AI. This tool helps with research and measuring the performance of your campaign. It offers various options to optimize content that aligns with the company’s objectives. 

It identifies your audience’s preferences based on their search intent and offers valuable suggestions.


Not to forget this smart AI tool for automating marketing efforts. Using this tool, you won’t be stuck with one task to complete for a whole day. It offers automation of tasks, builds customized workflows, and saves time and money. Its unique feature, called Zap, has more than 3,000 integrations for content generation. is another great AI tool for marketing. It is perfect for creating personalized email copies and automating outreach. If emails are the primary part of your marketing, get them personalized and create interesting copies to grab the attention of your customers. Moreover, helps in backlink generation, and besides email, you can also create copies of product descriptions for Spotify and Amazon.


Every business needs valuable data to make informed decisions about their marketing campaign. The Optimove AI marketing tool sums it all up when it comes to collecting customer data and offering insights. It helps collect customer data and view it on a single dashboard. Businesses can utilize this data to devise marketing strategies. 

Optibot identifies the data and provides valuable insights. It shows which part of the campaign was most liked and disliked by the customer. Also, identify which customers are more loyal to your business and provide them with more personalized offers.


Confused about choosing the right keywords that match your marketing campaign? You are sorted! Clearscope brings the best keywords to the table for your business to stand out among the competition. This AI tool generates and suggests rankable, unique and long-trail keywords. It does not create copies itself but offers valuable suggestions to optimize them. It highlights which keywords you must use in headings, content, and image captions. You will receive links to competitors who used keywords that resulted in great outcomes.

Improve Your Next Marketing Campaign With AI

No one can replace human creativity when it comes to devising out-of-the box marketing ideas. However, the inclusion of AI brings additional charm and spark to your marketing efforts and results in more conversions. With AI, you can automate manual tasks that have been lingering for a long time and offer more personalized products. From content creation to translation and automation, AI comes to fruition by directing machines to think like humans. So, improve your next marketing campaign and attract more customers by using AI tools.

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