Patreon bans YouTuber Onision due to doxxing charges

Onision has been in 'grooming' controversies for some time.

Patreon has banned YouTuber Onision after allegedly doxxing fellow YouTuber Billie Dawn Webb on Twitter. Gregory ‘Onision’ Jackson profile has been removed from the crowdfunding platform Patreon. 

Patreon helps content creators and artists to build a direct relationship with their biggest fans and provide exclusive experiences to them. 

Onision (YouTube: OnisionSpeaks) allegedly posted screenshots of the text chat with Billie Dawn Webb (YouTube: Billiedawnwebb) on 24th November. To make it worse, one of the screenshots was featuring the phone number of Webb.

Webb has leveled the allegations of sexual harassment on Onision and his spouse Kai Anderson (YouTube: CoolGuyKai), in Chris Hansen’s show Have a seat with Chris Hansen, which streamed live a few days back on 20th November. 

Twitter responded to The Verge by saying any content in text or image should not violate any policy of the social networking platform. The screenshot that contains the personal phone number was violating the privacy policy. However, the tweets were removed within an hour so we did not get any reports. No action so far is taken by Twitter on Onision’s profile

Patreon removed Onision

Patreon spokesman said, “Yes, we removed Onision from Patreon as he violated our Bullying and Harassment as it relates to doxxing.” Before this restriction, Onision had around 560 patrons on Patreon. 

Patreon asserted that Onision was caught doxxing, thus violating our policies. Patreon will remove profiles involved in doxxing even if it occurs outside the company’s platform. 

Patreon, in its official blog post featuring the question of why doxxing is not allowed on Patreon, said that doxxing is a process that involves searching, publishing, or identifying someone’s private information on the internet with the deliberately harmful intent. Besides online harassment, in order to maintain its sanity, Patreon has also set of rules and regulations to counter hate speech, 18+ creations, and nudity.


Amidst the moral disparagements of YouTube streamer, a petition was started on social concern website to remove Onision and his partner Kai Anderson from Patreon.

In their petition statement, to add substantial evidence, Youtube Community has compiled a “The Onision Abuse Timeline“ document where they list a record of public abuse in which Onision and Kai were involved. 

To record their protest, about 5,900 people signed the petition asking Patreon to take action. However, Onision’s account has been removed but his partner’s account is still alive with 163 patrons.

Onision posted a video on YouTube in which he bashed the people who are petitioning to Patron for removal of his account on it.

Some YouTuber’s expressed their joy on the decision by Patreon.

Fellow YouTuber Repzion said

The Onision YouTube account is still active and no statement from YouTube on it is issued so far.

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Featured image: YouTube 

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