Elon Musk: Tesla New York Gigafactory will reopen to produce ventilators amid COVID-19

This comes after Elon Musk air-shipped 1200+ ventilators from China to California.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, says that he will reopen the Buffalo, New York, factory for the production of ventilators to help the people of New York to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla is already working with the medical supply company ‘Medtronic’ in its Fremont factory for the ventilators production, but that seems not enough. To cover up the shortage, the New York Gigafactory will reopen for more creations. 

“Giga New York will reopen for ventilator production as soon as humanly possible. We will do anything in our power to help the citizens of New York,” Elon Musk tweeted.

New York has struck more than 44,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. As per Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York will hit the apex of pandemic crisis within the coming weeks, and soon the New York hospitals will see the cases increase in numbers. The governor said that New York might need more ventilators for the COVID-19 patients as they have become shortage due to the pandemic caseload. 

“We’re still working with the federal government to try to find more ventilators, but that is our single greatest challenge,” Cuomo said in a statement

Recently, Tesla has delivered 1255 ventilators to the hospitals in California to help fight against coronavirus. Musk purchased those ventilators from China and shipped them to the U.S. for the distribution in the hospitals of California. 

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Not only is Tesla helping the U.S. in the time of an hour, but Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are also offering medical equipment to bear the pandemic load. Apple is also donating 10 million N95 face masks to help the people of the U.S. fight against the coronavirus. Following that, Facebook has also announced that it will donate a 720,000 face mask that it has and will give a million more as per the further demand.

The coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate the world and has so far infected more than 416,000 people globally. More than 18,500 people lost their lives due to COVID-19. On top of that, only the U.S. has more than 65,200 confirmed cases, with 928 deaths in total. 

Featured image: Electrek

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