TikTok Ban: The Final Goodbye?

TikTok users will have to bid farewell to the app because of political reasons!

After China, the USA is to follow suit regarding the TikTok Ban. Of course, this will come as a shocker to audiences who consume content on TikTok. The app has delivered more than its own expectations. For starters, the user base consists of 1 billion people. And a ban would mean restricting them from viewing content that they are obsessed with. Moreover, it is saddest news for content creators that use TikTok as a source of income. 

It does not end here. Celebrities have increased their following through TikTok and a ban would entail that they might lose out on their popularity. The Government of USA has not made a final decision on this issue but the mere inkling of the ban taking place will create a ruckus in the business world. Brands are heavily dependent on TikTok now. Of course, they partner with famous influencers in order to promote their brand and enhance their image. Plus, TikTok is seen as an effective marketing tool. An abrupt ban would be ripping them off the possibility of getting recognized on a global scale. That too, with just a single video. 

A possible ban will urge audiences to think of other platforms that can fulfill their needs. More than audiences, brands and influencers need to reimagine ways to connect to them. People will find it harder to adjust to another app if TikTok gets banned. The reason is that it is so user-friendly and comes with a gazillion features. Also, TikTok trends are the best way for a video to get viral. The thought of bidding farewell to all of this sounds disappointing. 

But before we discuss the ban further, let’s see what the TikTok ban really entails!

What Is The TikTok Ban About?

Every app is under the radar regarding security concerns and safety. And obviously, TikTok has to be one of them. The ban is implemented on state-owned devices. TikTok is owned by ByteDance which is a Chinese company that has recently moved their head office to Singapore. The USA Government feels that an app with almost 77 million of their population can easily become a threat to their country. This is because the Government believes that TikTok can be a source to extract sensitive information. 

After all, every app runs after personal details are submitted to it. Also, algorithms are a key player in detecting user behavior. TikTok is an important app which constantly studies what its users are inclined toward. And after the momentum it has gained, users do not shy away from submitting sensitive information which may be tracked otherwise. It has only been a while and the US government seems to be super concerned about this aspect. The trust that TikTok has instilled in its community is unmatched. And the Government believes that it will be hard to implement restrictions that might monitor user behavior. So, their safest bet was to completely do away with the app. 

Reasons For The Ban

Political Tensions

The US Government has been extremely tactful when it comes to banning TikTok in the country. They have structured the ban in a very specific manner. The ban is basically implemented on Government-owned cell phones. This means that anyone who purchases a new phone has to bid farewell to their favorite app that is TikTok. The Biden Government is the key player in getting the bill approved under the explanation that there is a sense of uncertainty attached to the future of the app. 

The efforts to impose a ban on TikTok have been going on for some years now. It was during Trump’s tenure that TikTok was supposedly getting banned. There were several FBI investigations that prompted the Government to look into the matter. They claimed that ByteDance’s employees were intentionally studying user information on the app. 

Curtailing The Use Of TikTok For Students

Though most of the explanations side with political reasons for the ban, another solid reason is to restrict TikTok for students. The Government believes that TikTok as an app is hampering student mindset. This is why several universities in the USA have restricted the app’s use on campus. Public universities were already following the government’s orders. But, The University of Texas and Texas A & M University being the largest universities have also joined the bandwagon. 

The ban can be justified, if looked from an educational perspective. Students are spending most of their time viewing TikTok trends. Also, they are more inclined towards getting viral rather than focusing on their degrees. Since TikTok has unlocked monumental grounds to become famous, students do not shy away from paying more attention to the app compared to focusing on their college lives. 

Of course, there is a political inclination to this step as well. Students would not mind sharing their personal details since many users do not pay heed to their security getting compromised. Around 25% of TikTok users come under the age bracket of ten to nineteen. This means that the USA’s student population is hooked on to the app. Their obsession with the app might end up in them giving out details which might compromise the state’s security. 

Implications Of The TikTok Ban

Losing On Financial Gains And Fame

Let’s face it, TikTok has two categories of users. One is made up of content creators and the others are the ones that consume the content. The ban is the biggest jolt for both categories since it is a focal point of their lives now. For starters, content creators use TikTok as a one-stop solution. 

They create content based on TikTok trends with the aim of each video getting viral. And every video has a lot of thought put into it. Completely doing away with medium will not only affect their creative process but will also hinder their popularity. Moreover, users that look at TikTok as a means to make money will have some serious rethinking to do. One viral video can put content creators on the world map and can increase their following massively. 

This ban will completely change their reality because most of the users do not even have a back up plan. The news is even morbid for users that swear by these content creators. It’s like their lives depend on what their favorite influencer has to say. With TikTok getting banned, avid users will have to switch to other platforms. And the transition can be super difficult. 

Brands Will Have To Reimagine Promotions

Over the years, TikTok has become the one of the most sought after platforms regarding brand promotions. Companies are dependent on the app to make their products a part of the most promising TikTok trends. And this goes for small and large businesses. When nothing works out, brands resort to TikTok to do most of the work. Collaborating with TikTok influencers or making a trend themselves has done wonders for companies. 

Brands have witnessed a boost in their customer base via marketing their products on TikTok. Plus, partnering with famous TikTokers has resulted in their products getting globally recognized. The entire process leads to brand image and tone being enhanced. Moreover, it gives off the impression that the brand caters to a larger audience. 

Since there are billions of users on TikTok, brands heavily depend on the app to get the acknowledgement they are expecting. As a matter of fact, most brands do not even invest in full-fledged marketing campaigns anymore. TikTok helps them connect with potential customers. Plus, their products can get instantly viral. So, this can be one of the hardest goodbyes for the marketplace. 

Lesser Competition

The market thrives on competition as well as leads. American companies will have lesser competition to deal with if the Government permanently plans to ban TikTok. The app is one of the key players in generating competition and leads so that other apps can follow suit. With completely erasing the app from a first-world country like the USA, it could severely impact the way larger companies work there. 

Less competition is not a positive aspect. It is what inspires several social media platforms to remain dedicated. Plus, it also amounts to keep on introducing new elements within the tech world. Social media platforms might become super relaxed once the key player retires. The Government might have not thought this through but it will have a considerable impact. Almost all businesses need to market themselves on social media platforms. And TikTok is their go-to. The unexpected ban implies that other social media platforms might not be able to offer what TikTok does. And that does not mean great news even if it erases competition. 

TikTok Ban: Will it Stay Forever? 

There needs to be some development to this decision. The Government might get flexible overtime because nobody is unaware of the impact TikTok has on all realms of the society. Moreover, critics have urged the Government to think of effective ways to safeguard national security. Also, banning TikTok out of nowhere might not serve any good since users will find ways to somehow use the app otherwise. 

Feature Image: CDN

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