Top Email Marketing Platforms 2022: Wishlist Of Every Entrepreneur

A roundup of top email marketing platforms 2022!

Nothing compares to email marketing when it comes to advertising. Companies can advertise their products much more effectively through email marketing. Even if there have been advancements in other marketing channels, email marketing still leads the way. Efficient software is essential to maximize its potential. The capabilities of email marketing software go well beyond simple email delivery and monitoring. The software becomes a potent tool for expanding reach and organizing customer data. Also to maximize results across multiple marketing channels. Well, let us decode the mysteries of email marketing and some top email marketing platforms of 2022. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing  involves sending emails to a target audience. It is  used to promote a company’s products or services. You can engage and reach potential customers through email marketing. Email marketing uses a list of email addresses to send targeted messages to a group. The emails can contain various content, such as newsletters, promotional offers, or other marketing materials. Email marketing can effectively reach a large audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales. 

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Importance of Email Marketing Platforms

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can tailor your content to the needs of your audience. You might change things like the images or subject lines to get more people to open your emails. You can even make lists divided by geography or level of engagement. For your email marketing strategy to work, you must send the correct email to the right people at the right time. Segmentation and personalization can help with this.

As a marketer, it’s essential to always find better ways to talk to your audience. People are more likely to stick with your brand if they feel like they can speak to you. Think about it: people like good emails. Think about the last time you got a marketing email from a brand you like. Was it annoying, or did you like seeing the latest news? If you want the brand, you probably had a good time and stayed in touch with one of your favorites. With email marketing, you can easily reach more people with your message and talk to brand ambassadors. Also, these emails keep your audience interested all year long, even when things are slow or busy.

We are all shy to promote ourselves. We often feel awkward about it, but it does not help you if you are an entrepreneur. You must brag about your products and services whenever you are given a chance. The email marketing platforms will provide you with the opportunity to do that. With email marketing campaigns, you’ll always have a way to promote yourself, especially since customers opted in. You can send emails about new products, content, features, and benefits. Customers want to hear from you, so this self-promotion isn’t annoying or unwanted. Just announce your brand to the world!

Top Email Marketing Platforms of 2022


Hubspot is the best marketing suite because it has excellent tools and reporting for marketing campaigns. The campaign is for many channels such as websites, social, email marketing, and more. With Hubspot’s CRM, you can store all of your contact information. You can also bring people to your site through lead forms, live chat, and online ads. Hubspot puts all of your marketing efforts in one place. So you can see how people interact with your website, Google ads, social media, and email marketing. It provides business owners with information about the buyer. Which in return helps them make their marketing efforts more effective. 

The platform comes with a training platform that shows how to use the system and the best ways to run successful marketing campaigns. With Hubspot, the Email Health Tab helps keep track of deliverability rates. You only pay for the people you are trying to sell to. You can follow leads as they go through the buying process. 


Drip is one of the best email marketing software for e-commerce businesses. As it has advanced list segmentation and complex workflows. This means that people who sign up for your email list will get personalized emails based on how they shop on your site. They will also get timely follow-ups based on how they interact with your emails. Drip is thoughtfully made to improve the online shopping experience so that customers can enjoy their shopping time. It has support for users who need help setting up or using the service. 

Another great thing about Drip is that you can divide your lists into different groups. This means that people can get the most out of your website and email alerts. Easy to use, customer satisfaction, and marketing campaigns define Drip the best. These qualities are the reason why we must include it in the list of top email marketing platforms of 2022. 


MailerLite is the email marketing software that is the simplest to use because it features a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy to construct the design you want in a way that is both enjoyable and straightforward. The goal of the software is to make things as easy as possible for its customers. Which is why the software has such a neat and organized appearance. MailerLite is the finest option when it comes to ease of use. As it features an exceptionally user-friendly platform that was created by the company.

 With MailerLite, you can create and send newsletters, promotional emails, and other types of marketing emails to your subscribers. You can also use the software to segment your email lists, create sign-up forms, and track the performance of your campaigns. Many users find MailerLite to be a user-friendly and cost-effective option for their email marketing needs. In case of any issues, there is email assistance available to answer any concerns and assist with troubleshooting. Also, it provides a pool of email templates to choose from. This variety makes the software one of the top email marketing platforms of 2022. 


SendinBlue is a cloud-based marketing platform that helps businesses manage their email marketing, SMS campaigns, and other marketing activities. The platform offers a range of features, including email and SMS marketing automation, lead generation tools, landing page creation, and more. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a range of templates and tools to help businesses create professional-looking marketing materials. SendinBlue is suitable for businesses of all sizes and is used by a range of organizations, including e-commerce businesses, startups, and more.

Their easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor is ideal for inexperienced users. You are able to send transactional emails and develop workflows for automatic follow-up emails. It also employs AI algorithms. That helps to determine when the right time is to send large quantities of emails to maximize email deliverability. SendinBlue is available in a number of different pricing plans. These include a free plan for businesses just getting started with email marketing. Paid plans offer additional features and support for larger email lists and more frequent campaigns. 


Omnisend is a marketing automation platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It helps businesses automate and personalize their marketing campaigns across various channels. They include email, SMS, social media, and more. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a range of templates and tools. They help businesses to create professional-looking marketing materials. One of the standout features of Omnisend is its email marketing automation tools. The tools allow businesses to create and send personalized emails to their customers. The emails are based on specific actions or behaviors. For example, companies can set up automation rules to send abandoned cart recovery emails to customers who still need to complete the purchase. 

The platform also includes a range of analytics and reporting tools, which can help businesses track the success of their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Omnisend is available in several different pricing plans, including a free plan for companies starting with marketing automation. Paid plans offer additional features and support for more extensive email lists and frequent campaigns. Omnisend is suitable for companies of all sizes. Many e-commerce businesses worldwide are using Omnisend to have an effective email marketing plan. 


Moosend is an email marketing service for small businesses that don’t cost much money. It comes with a powerful set of marketing automation tools, such as landing pages, tools for building email lists, and more. You can create an email newsletter quickly and make it look like your brand by using one of their dozens of pre-made email templates. Or by making a completely custom template.

The best thing about Moosend is that all its plans come with marketing automation tools. Moosend gives you detailed email analytics that shows you essential metrics. They include email opens, clicks, bounces, product views, and predicted demographic data. Moosend has a 30-day free trial where you can send as many emails as you want. Moosend is not only one of the cheapest email marketing tools, but it is also powerful enough to fulfill the requirements of the vast majority of email marketing campaigns. Especially the ones aimed at small businesses. As a result, we have chosen it as the best cost-effective alternative. You can pay based either on the number of subscribers or the number of emails sent. This way, you can select the pricing model that is best for you. 


ConvertKit is an excellent platform for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers. They can use Convertkit for email effective marketing.  The unique thing about ConvertKit is that you can use email signup forms to easily offer content upgrades and incentives. It also has auto-responders that are easy to set up and let you send drip emails from their emailing service. With ConvertKit, it’s easy to divide your subscribers into two groups. The groups of those who are interested and those who have already bought something. This lets you send more personalized emails that are sent by an automated system. This is what marketers call “targeted email marketing.” 

They have all the features you’d expect from a great email marketing service. For example, a/b testing, email templates, a landing page builder, and smart workflows. ConvertKit is the best email marketing service for professional bloggers because of its features. The features like paid newsletters are made for creators and professional bloggers. They have even added the ability to sell digital products and subscriptions from the same platform. These absolutely amazing features qualify ConvertKit to the list of top email marketing platforms of 2022. 

Top Email Marketing Platforms 2022: The Discovery

These were the top email marketing platforms we found out for our audience to read and benefit from. If you are a small business owner, your requirements are going to be different. This means that you should settle with a platform that offers quick solutions to your problems. The same goes for an organization that is huge and wants to automate the tasks to have a smooth run of their email marketing campaigns.  Email marketing platforms can save businesses time and resources. This happens when the platforms streamline the process of sending emails. It can also help them to reach a wider audience by making it easy to send mass emails.

Also, these platforms can help businesses to personalize their emails and tailor them to the interests of customers. This in return can help to increase engagement and conversions. You need to be mindful of the nature of your brand if you want to select the right email marketing platform. 

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