Best Devices For Cat Owners

Purr-fect tech for cat lovers!

Cats are fascinating creatures, and if you’re lucky to have one, it’s your duty to make their home comfortable. After adopting a pet, cat owners should focus on creating a healthy space. Cats need a specific environment to play, scratch, and relax.

Numerous cat gadgets are available to make life with your feline friend more enjoyable. From automatic feeders to remote control toys and self-cleaning litter boxes, these gadgets can free up more time for quality moments with your cat.

Whether you seek the best for your furry friend or want to add extra stimulation for house cats while you’re away, this article details the finest cat gadgets. 

Pets contribute to our well-being, bringing joy into our lives. A contented cat leads to a contented owner! So, whether it’s a birthday gift or just because, explore our roundup of the top cat gadgets for a purr-fectly happy feline companion.

Cats and Technology

Before moving on to the gadgets, let’s first have a look at cats and their relationship with technology. In the classic face-off between cats and technology, our feline pals prove they’re crafty mischief-makers, overshadowing our high-tech marvels.

Chasing the Digital Mouse

Cats can’t resist the allure of a cursor gliding on a screen. It’s like a magical creature teasing them from the digital world. They pounce, bat, and try to catch it with their teeth, turning it into a high-stakes game of “I’ve got your pixel.”

Siri, Decode “Meow”:

Cats attempt to convey their desires by swatting at Siri, hoping for more treats or a quick cuddle.

Keyboard Catnap Takeover

Keyboards are warm nap spots for cats. Their mantra is simple: “If I fits, I sits!” An unattended laptop is an open invitation to assist with typing, often resulting in random characters and mysterious messages.

Netflix and (Cat) Relaxation

Cats develop a love for binge-watching, sprawling across the keyboard, taking control of the remote, and insisting on choosing the shows. “Paws and Recreation” or “Breaking Cat”? The decision is yours.

Zoom Meeting Cat-astrophe

With remote work on the rise, cats have become unexpected guests in Zoom meetings, causing chaos by knocking over coffee cups and stealing the spotlight. “Sorry, boss, my cat had urgent breakfast discussions.”


Automated Cat Feeders

Make sure your feline friend is well-fed with these automated cat feeders:

ArfPets Automatic Cat Feeder

This feeder allows you to schedule up to four meals a day, each with customizable portion sizes. It features an LCD clock and display for convenient programming. Additionally, you can record a personalized greeting for your cat. The ArfPets feeder can run on batteries or be plugged into a power socket.

Source: ArfPets

PetSafe Eatwell 5-Automatic Cat Feeder

Powered by batteries, this feeder can hold 5 cups of dry food. You can program meals to be released at different times throughout the day. Notably, it can also dispense treats instead of full meals, and the food tray is dishwasher safe, and made from BPA-free plastic.

Source: Lucky Ferals

SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder

Ideal for households with multiple cats on prescription diets, this feeder has a sealed bowl that only opens for the designated pet. It accommodates both wet and dry food, ensuring freshness and preventing pests.

Source: SureFeed

PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0 Automatic Cat Feeder

A next-generation feeder that connects with Amazon Echo, allowing you to schedule up to 12 meals daily. It ranges from 1/8th cup to 4 cups per meal, and the slow feed setting releases small meals every 15 minutes. Multiple family members can control it with their smartphones.

Quality Bowls for Food and Water

Choose the right bowls for your cat’s food and water needs:

Glass and Stainless Steel Bowls 

Highly recommended by vets for hygiene reasons, glass and stainless steel bowls are superior to plastic, which can harbor bacteria and lead to cat acne. Consider elevated feeders for improved posture.

Cat Person’s Mesa Bowl

A modern design made of polycarbonate, this bowl is dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleaning.

Owala’s Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

A simple yet effective choice, this bowl is both basic and affordable, providing stability during feeding.

Yeti Boomer Bowl

While originally designed for dogs, this bowl can be suitable for cats. Though relatively expensive, it boasts durability and resistance to tipping over.

Slow Feeding Solution

Control your cat’s eating pace with the Caflower Slow Feeder Lick Mat. Designed to slow down enthusiastic eaters, this mat includes a spatula for easy spreading. Suction cups keep it firmly in place, and it’s easy to clean.


Here are some popular trackers:

PawBo iPuppy Go Cat Activity Tracker

This tracker is your solution to understanding your cat’s lifestyle. Monitoring everything from sleep patterns to activity levels and calorie consumption, PawBo also features a mood index to decipher your cat’s emotions‚ÄĒwhether hungry, sleepy, happy, or playful.

Source: Pawbo

Cube Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Ever been curious about your cat’s adventures outdoors? Attach this Bluetooth tracker to your cat’s collar, and use the Cube Tracker app to trace their location. Waterproof with a 100-foot Bluetooth range, the app provides the last known location on a map.

Source: Ebay

Smart Cat Door

For a smart cat door, this option can be considered:

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

If unwelcome feline guests are causing distress to your cat, this cat door is the answer. Utilizing radio-frequency technology, it grants access only if a cat wears the corresponding SmartKey on their collar. The SmartDoor can be programmed to recognize up to five different SmartKeys.

Source: Sydneywide

Scratching Posts 

Cats naturally scratch, and offering them suitable scratching posts is essential. Avoid declaring, as it poses significant problems. Various options cater to different preferences:

  • Simple and budget-friendly cardboard slats or level up to fancier designs.
  • Boots and Barkley tunnel, made of sisal and carpet.
  • PetFusion lounges, durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Target’s playful house cat scratchers, available in seasonal themes.
  • Interactive scratcher from Target, with refills and a ping pong ball toy.
Source: Amazon

Climbing Space 

Provide vertical spaces. Satisfy your cat’s climbing instincts and keep them away from your furniture with a cat tree. Look for options with scratching posts.¬†

Catit’s Vesper Line¬†

It offers a modern touch:

  • Small Vesper Box for window-level lounging, scratching, and bird watching.
  • Vesper High Base is for multi-cat homes or independent pets.
  • Explore pet stores, HomeGoods, or similar places for budget-friendly cat trees.
Source: Amazon

Stylish Resting Spots with Modern Furniture

Elevate your cat’s naps. Invest in modern cat furniture that aligns with your apartment decor:

Source: Tuft And Paw

Remember, a happy cat makes for a content owner. Explore these options to provide comfort and entertainment for your feline friend.

Smart Monitoring

For monitoring, consider these devices:

Purina’s Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System

Discover a cost-effective solution to monitor your cat’s bathroom habits with Purina’s Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System. Priced at $700 less than alternatives, it conveniently sits beneath your standard litter box. Once connected to the app, it provides insights on which cat visited the box, their weight, and the number of bathroom trips. This innovation proves especially valuable for cat owners dealing with specific health concerns, offering real-time information that can promptly alert you to any issues.

Source: Petivity

Litter Genie

Experience a solution to litter box odor challenges with the Litter Genie. Initially skeptical, I found its practicality indispensable when living in an apartment complex with inconvenient garbage disposal options. Similar to a Diaper Genie, this system allows you to scoop clumps into the top compartment, dropping them into a sealed bottom compartment. The design effectively traps odors for up to two weeks, reducing the need for daily trash trips and excessive plastic bag usage. The added convenience of an attachment for easy bag disposal makes it a worthwhile investment. Consider the XL version for multi-cat households, offering a solution to odor control without compromising on cleanliness.

Source: Amazon


Here are some good options available for cameras:

Petcube Play 2 Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Step into cat-watching with the Petcube Play 2 Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera. It films in clear 1080p HD, catching your cat’s moves across the room. Even in the dark, it shows everything. The video kicks in when there’s a sound or motion, and the app can ping you with updates. Plus, there’s a cool laser toy to play with your cat remotely via your phone. Use the built-in microphone to tell your cat they’re awesome.

Source: Petcube

Pawbo Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera

Pawbo Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser has a wide-angle camera that does 720p HD video and zooms four times. You can chat with your cat using the two-way mic. The connected app lets you control sound effects, play light games, and dispense treats. Share the joy‚ÄĒup to eight family members can watch your cat’s adventures.

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