Google Photos introduces an auto-print subscription for $8

The subscription is in trial and available for users in the US.

Google introduces a new service to auto-print photos from Google Photos. For users who subscribe to this service, Google’s algorithm will select the best photos, print it and then will deliver it in 4×6 format.

Once a month, Google will send a packet containing ten printed photos to your house in a cardboard envelope which is selected by its algorithm, all in a subscription that costs $7.99 per month. It’s a lovely conception as one gets the permanence of their photos in the shape of a gift from Google.

With this service there comes a question that would Google be really able to choose the pictures that we really want to print nicely? Moreover, a user’s photos will be exposed to the bots or to real humans? How Google will address the challenge of privacy?

However, Google claims that privacy does not seem to be an issue. Google Photos gives you the leverage to pick up a theme of your choice. One can pick from ‘people and pets’, ‘mostly landscapes’ and ‘a little bit of everything’. Furthermore, it also gives you an opportunity to edit the selected photos before print. 

Google is classifying its auto-print subscription as a trial in the US only. The one who is chosen by the company for such service will get to see a “You’re invited to the monthly photo prints trial” banner at the top of the Google Photos website to join it. This may become an interesting revenue-generating model for Google once the trial becomes successful. 

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Google previously introduced a similar service, with which one can order photo prints from Photos at Walmart or CVS Pharmacy. They offer same day pick up service after one had paid for the prints at the store. Each print costs $0.2 each. The final prints that you pick from the CVS will have a glossy finish while that of Walmart will have a matte finish. 

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