Disney+ has over 10 million subscribers after first day

Thanks to Disney's loyal users, in an impressive milestone, Disney+ reached over 10 million subscribers on the first day of its launch.

In an impressive milestone, Disney+ reached over 10 million subscribers.

Over a million customers have subscribed just a day after its launch Disney+. But, it became difficult for many to access the content available on its site because of the heavy customer traffic that leads to a slowdown in its system. May be Disney+ was not ready for such an overwhelming response?

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The massive customer inflow in such a short span of time is no ordinary feat. In comparison to Disney’s competitor, Netflix, which is reported to have 158 million subscribers, had a meager subscriber count initially, and later, it acquired this customer base afters years of availability, across a broader global market. But Disney+ has a limited market to exploit at the moment, although it does plans to expand overseas.

So what exactly leads to such an extraordinary performance, or should we call it a subscriber euphoria? Well, Disney is capitalizing on its old customer fan base. This is the same company that persuaded whooping 157 million people to haul to its famous theme parks in 2018, which resulted in record revenue of $20.29 billion. So it managed to convert a fraction of those loyal fans to Disney+ subscribers.

Disney’s enormous customer demand has a lot to do with its marketing ability. It is offering pre-order service to its customers in the states, as well as year-long free access to Verizon customers with an unlimited data plan. So all this has stretched its subscriber count.

Many see Disney as a disruptor for disruptors. The company is perceived as a competitor by on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon, which have already caused waves across the Hollywood industry.

It was not only Disney fans who were happy at its launch, but it was also the shareholders of the company. As soon as Disney made the announcement, its stock went up by 7%, showing an appreciation of the company’s performance.

Featured image: Disney

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