7 Best Email Marketing Tools

All email marketing tools under one roof!

Email marketing is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy and it should be given utmost importance. There are many best email marketing tools that have a wide range of features and capabilities. Here in this article, we will list down the best email marketing tools for our readers. 

Best Email Marketing Tools: The List

The tools we are going to mention below are proven to be the best email marketing tools. They have helped businesses to achieve their marketing goals rapidly. 


Known widely for its ease of use, Hubspot is the number one email marketing tool. From sending kickback emails to promoting current campaigns, HubSpot is the tool that does it all for a business. The combination of free CRM with HubSpot tool is one of the most prominent features of this email marketing tool. 

The range of other marketing tools offered by HubSpot is also one key factor to keep in mind. These tools include social media management, content marketing and SEO optimization. These qualities are enough to qualify it as all in one solution for all businesses. Be it improving ROI or improving their overall marketing strategy, there is everything in HubSpot. 


Sender is next in the list of our best email marketing tools. Its features are designed to ensure deliverability with quality. Some of its main features are email list management, automation, email templates and A/B testing. It segments email lists and also helps in adding or removing subscribers in the email list. 

How can we not talk about its analytics feature? Sender has a powerful analytics tool that helps companies to track the success of their campaigns. They can also measure the engagement rate and make decisions that are data-driven. 


Next in our list is SendPulse. It is known to be one multi channel platform but its speciality is its email marketing. There are tons of options for email templates that you can customize as well. Once you have these customized emails, the tool helps you to automatically send them to users. 

Subscriber rating feature is one of the most prominent features of SendPulse. There is an availability of analyzing open and click rates which helps you to identify how connected are people with your brand. There is a personalization option available as well that helps brands to curate content according to the needs and preferences of the customers. Personalization is one such thing that is helping businesses to be on top of the list because today, customers want to feel seen and understood by the brands they are using.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark email is another tool that helps companies to stay on top of the game because it has multiple features. There are times when you want to add images and effects in the email, Benchmark email provides you with that option and you can add or change images at any given time. There are some stickers and effects also available to make your emails look appealing and effective. Code editor helps you build email from the scratch if you’re not satisfied with the current one. 


MailChimp is also one of the best email marketing tools that we have to mention here. It does what every email marketing tool can do but there is something special about it. It has the feature of smart recommendations. How does it work? It works by giving you valuable insights about the customers and then enables you to tailor the content in such a way that appeals to them. You can automate your email on this tool. This allows you to send email at the right times without any hassle. The best part is that it provides you with a free plan where you can get all its brilliant features and make your business management much easier. 


One of the best email marketing tools is Mailerlite and it’s free. Other than traditional uses, it also has a built -in photo editor and this makes it one unique email marketing tool. With this too, you are able to create beautiful emails that will appeal to your customers. The creation of landing pages is also one of the best features of this email marketing tool. These landing pages allow you to promote your products as well as events.  The split test availability helps you to see what is working in your favor when it comes to conversions and drive sales. Moreover, it integrates with a range of other tools such as CRM and social media networks. Its user-friendly interface and unique features make it the best email marketing tool available. 


This email marketing tool comes with amazing features that allow you to build amazing email marketing campaigns. Once you feel you are not satisfied with the template, you can go back and make necessary changes and make it better than before. For a seamless collaboration, there is a real time collaboration feature in it. You can also add personalized content in your email so that the recipients feel much more connected and understood.

It is important to note that you can also integrate it with other tools such as CRM. There is an availability of advanced analytics as well. The reporting features of mailjet allows companies to track email performance and subscriber engagement. All of these features are the reason why we think this email marketing tool is the best for your business. 

Benefits of Email Marketing Tools

As we are done discussing the best email marketing tools, we will now look at the several benefits of email marketing tools. 

Automated Sending

Email marketing tools help you to automate sending and that saves a lot of time. There is a lot of hassle in doing things manually, when you have an email marketing tool, you will be able to automate repetitive tasks. You can set up a series of pre-written emails and these emails are sent automatically to the customers. It does not matter if they are existing or new. 

Higher Customer interaction

The other benefit of email marketing tools is that you will have higher customer interaction and that will help you stay connected with them and build a strong relationship. These customers will then turn into your loyal customers and that means more benefit. It also means that your brand will have a positive image as interaction is the best way to get close to your customers and build an image. 

Measurable Results

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing tools is that you can measure the results. You will not be misguided and will have a clear map of what is working for you and what is not working for you. These tools will help you to also understand consumer behavior and have a clear understanding of what they want. It is an awful position to be in when you do not know if your email marketing is doing well or not and in case, the tool saves your ship.

Cost Effective

How can we not talk about how email marketing tools are cost effective? These tools help you to save a lot of cost as they are not so expensive. Most of the tools we have mentioned are free of cost and the features they provide are nothing short of sheer quality. Unlike other platforms, email marketing is inexpensive in itself and it is proven to be one of the best marketing strategies. 


Another benefit of email marketing tools is personalization. We all know how the world is totally different today and people want to see content that is especially made for them and has a lot of relevance. They want to see content that caters to their needs according to their preferences. These tools are an easy way to curate content that speaks to the customers directly. It also means that now the brands and customers will have a connection with each other and that will bring a lot of benefits to both. Brands will also have a positive image and will be able to have a competitive advantage. 

Analytics and Reporting

We cannot emphasize enough on how important email marketing tools are when it comes to providing valuable insights. These insights help brands to tweak their marketing strategy as well as create content that will be drawing a lot of profit. They can track email campaign performance, click through rates, open rates and the engagement of the subscribers. There is nothing better than having a clear roadmap on how to go about things when you have analytics and that is possible due to these email marketing tools. 

Email Marketing Tools: A Promising Future

Email marketing tools have always been the key reason why brands are able to create quality emails. These tools not only help to create emails but also provide insights on how to go about things. The comprehensive set of features provided by the email marketing tools help brands to create successful campaigns that help business to shine on. We can only predict a future full of success and ease due to the email marketing tools. 

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