All You Need to Know About Black Friday Marketing Strategies

If you’re seeking ways to market your business this Black Friday, look no further; we have you covered!

Everyone wants to save money, and what is a better way to achieve this than Black Friday? Consumers wait for this holiday anxiously. It allows them to save money on their favorite products. It includes anything from a blanket to the latest electronic appliances. This year Black Friday holiday would fall on 25th November 2022. Although it’s a few weeks away. Brands have already started rolling out their products at discounted prices. Without further ado, let’s begin with Black Friday marketing strategies. 

Must-Know Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Website Optimization

Black Friday is jammed with eCommerce websites fighting for a spot on Google’s front page. If you want to improve your ranking, consider optimizing your website. You can use keywords that shoppers will use when searching for holiday deals in the online world. Do some keyword research, then test those words throughout your site. 

To relate to the audience, make sure you sound natural and don’t indulge in the habit of keyword stuffing. This means using too many keywords in just one line. Besides, you should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. More people are using their phones to do their holiday shopping. Consumers will likely make impulsive buying decisions when scrolling through their handheld devices. 


With an increase in customers comes a more well-defined meaning of a customer support system. It means that clients’ inquiries can be dealt with and solutions provided in a timely manner. Consumers will be reaching out with FAQs about orders, shipping, and returns. You name it! Hence you should have a chatbot plugin on your website. It can help streamline and automate your customer support services. 

The chatbot can handle easy FAQs without having to disturb sales agents at odd hours. Agents can step in and take over the conversation when a customer support rep is needed. This process can remove the redundant work weighing down your team. It gives them time to focus on big-picture goals such as acquiring new clients for the business. 

AI chatbots like Heyday can assist with quarterly sales. A chatbot can help consumers find the products they need quickly and easily. This can work if you program your chatbot to ask shoppers a series of questions. From there, chatbots can narrow down the search to a few specific items. 

Shoppers can either purchase the product online or find it in-store. Heyday can provide personalized recommendations based on previous purchases. During the chaos that is Black Friday, you’ll want all the help you can get from your digital allies.

Special Discounts for Loyal Customers

People like to be acknowledged and seen, especially when they have a relationship with the brand. Black Friday offers retailers a chance to show appreciation for loyal, long-time shoppers. 

Offering exclusive deals and discounts to these customers is a smart marketing tactic. It can help build customer loyalty and drive repeat business. Show your customers that you value their loyalty. This will encourage them to keep coming back on days that aren’t Black Friday.

Use hashtags 

Black Friday allows you to reach new audiences on social media. Using hashtags, you can interact with people interested in Black Friday deals. It helps them find your products and services. If you’re a retailer, you can use the hashtags such as #blackfridayshopping or #blackfridaydeals to reach people looking for bargains.

Minimum Spend Rewards

Retailers can offer minimum spend rewards on certain amounts spent on their store. For example, if customers check out with a $200 cart, they could be eligible for free shipping. It helps promote your products and reduces the cart abandonment rate. 

Minimum spend rewards are a great way to increase conversion rate. It encourages customers to spend more money on the business. It can be even more effective if the rewards are linked. For example, a customer who spends $50 might get a 10% discount, while a customer who spends $100 might get a 20% discount.

Email Marketing x Black Friday

Email subscribers are the core of your business operations if you plan to take it to the next level. It involves capturing prospective customers’ email addresses. And informing them about upcoming Black Friday deals. WordPress users can send promotional emails using two types of plugins. One for email subscriptions and another for newsletters.

The first type will create pop-up forms to collect email addresses. While the second is for creating the message content. You can customize the template and automate the email delivery process. This helps skyrocket your company’s conversion rate. 

You can incentivize consumers through email marketing campaign practices. People are more likely to sign up if they get a reward for exchanging information. Some common options are a special discount code or a free gift card. These can be used either in-house or at the physical store. Other than that, personalize the email content based on the subscriber’s needs. 

For this, you can segment customers based on their purchase history. You can use an analytics tool like Google Analytics. From there, decide what kind of offers to entice them in the email. For instance, one-time or potential shoppers are usually more interested in finding the best Black Friday bargains. You can highlight how much they can save if they buy from the store. They may also be into flash sales or time-sensitive deals.

For the most loyal customers, consider offering them discounts to encourage repeat purchases. It fosters a sense of exclusivity.

The subject line should grab the subscriber’s immediate attention. This measure helps increase the chances of customer acquisition further. Use words that trigger a sense of curiosity or fear of missing out to get them to open the content. You can use words such as “Urgent” and “Hurry Up” in your subject line. 

The Scope of Black Friday Marketing

When it comes to Black Friday, brands need to closely assess their audience. It will allow them to devise a marketing strategy. Black Friday deals would be seen all across America. Ranging from small businesses to large retail chains such as Target and Walmart. Consumers must be on their toes when looking for deals this holiday season. You can avail promotional offers and make your loved ones happy this festive season. 

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