Deck the Halls With These Christmas Marketing Strategies

Let’s discover the top 10 Christmas marketing strategies for businesses of any scale!

Look, who’s here? It’s December, and with it comes exciting deals. You can buy presents for your friends and family, all while sitting on your sofa. Before you know it, holiday deals would be live on retail outlets such as Walmart and Target. And Christmas marketing strategies will be in full swing. Despite the looming inflation, you would be able to secure huge discounts on items. Such as electronic appliances, apparel and even kitchen equipment. Enticing deals would be live post Cyber Monday (29th November 2022). The holiday season is also a great time for businesses to skyrocket their operations and increase their revenue stream. 

Christmas Marketing Ideas: Ready to Implement

Offer Presents When Customers Purchase Something

You can offer your customers gift certificates when they purchase something from your store. Especially during the holiday season. It helps build a loyal customer base for the times to come. The gift certificate can be worth money, such as $5 or a free sampling product the next time a customer visits your store. This final push allows an individual to make a positive buying decision. 

The choice of product or service that you are offering customers should be based on their buying history with your brand. Make sure that the certificates are easy to access by shoppers in retail stores and online shops. This measure would assure that a brand can take full advantage of the holiday season. 

Avoid sending out brochures to prospective customers in your area. Instead, promote your offerings via social media. As everyone uses digital platforms these days to interact with brands, Make sure that the certificate can be availed in ecommerce or online stores. 

Offer Free Shipping

During the holiday season; people tend to shop online rather than visit physical stores. There would be a 13.5% increase in sales this festive season. In terms of money, the valuation would be around $262 billion. This means that ecommerce businesses would implement a plethora of services to make online shopping easier. 

One of the major aspects of this experience is free shipping. In such trying economic times, people would want to save cents and pennies when shopping for Christmas presents. Consumers will buy more products if they know that your online store is offering free shipping. 

Through this strategy, you can acquire your competitor’s loyal customers. It would help boost your sales numbers translating towards an increase in revenue. When brands offer free shipping, it means lower cart abandonment rates. Consumers would be much more comfortable placing an order if given a breakdown of costs. 

Creativity X Email Marketing

In today’s world of technology, email marketing has become a saving grace for brands. This strategy is all about personalization, and what better way to implement it than on Christmas? It helps you create a close-knit community that is connected by mutual interest. 

Imagine email marketing as an open-world game in which you are free to do anything and everything. You can promote your existing products or update the audience regarding upcoming ones. It helps keeps your clients in the loop. They feel like they are adding value to the company’s sales strategy. 

You can even send newsletters with discount codes that can be used to avail discounts. Check your KPIs’ status so you can tweak your strategy accordingly. Use colors such as red and blue to make your newsletter exciting and Christmas-y. Add greetings as per your target audience’s buying behavior. Make sure to keep the email short and sweet, just like the gingerbread man. 

  1. Christmas Marketing: Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are the key to success, especially in today’s fast-paced environment. Such individuals can take your brand to the next stage of success. Influencers have a strong and loyal following regardless of their followers. You can reach out to them by sliding into their DMs or emailing them about your business. 

Once convinced, they would promote your products with their followers. Consider them as your brand ambassadors, who can relay the quality of products to their viewers. Therefore, when choosing an influencer, ensure their content aligns with your brand values. The value of social commerce sales in 2025 is expected to be $2.9 Trillion. 

Start The Stopwatch 

When it comes to the festive season, online promotions are essential. They can serve the purpose of being water to the desert wanderer. Once this is done, use a countdown clock on these festive promotions. This measure would help create a sense of urgency in buyers. And they would make positive buying decisions. 

Having a countdown clock indicates the number of hours, minutes and seconds remaining until the exclusive deal expires. Consumers would want to hurry up before the item is out of stock. Ensure that the countdown timer is clearly visible to your target audience members. And not hidden behind huge fonts on your website. Ideally, it should appear on your website’s top banner. 

Create Exclusive Product Lines

It’s the festive season, and what better way to acquire customers than by offering holiday-themed goodies? You can offer scented candles, such as pumpkin spice, just to gain the attention of prospective customers. Even if the products are polar opposites to what you usually offer. 

Through your marketing strategy, convey that such products would only be available for a limited time. This would drive customers to your physical or online store to make purchases. Consumers would want to jump on the bandwagon and get your holiday merchandise before it runs out. Announce the launch of your limited products two weeks prior to the product’s launch. 

Christmas Photo Booth

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to feel involved in the holiday festivities. Consumers are interested in those brands that are willing to get them involved in the marketing process. If you are looking to do something challenging this holiday season, opt for a virtual photo booth. 

Instruct consumers to take a picture with your products and upload it on their social media profiles. Inform your consumers to use hashtags relevant to your brand when creating posts, and don’t forget to mention the brand. You can then share the post on your social media. This measure would help the consumer feel valued, and they will shop at your store even when the festive season is over. 

User-Generated Content Is Your Best Friend.

Why create content when you have your fan base at your disposal? One way to do this is by identifying customer trends. Brands need to be aware about what’s trending in the marketplace to intelligently target their consumers. Analyze what’s up and coming and make sure that your brand is part of the conversation. 

Ask consumers to make videos featuring your product and post it on their social media profiles. The video that gets the most reactions or comments can become eligible for a gift card. However, before indulging in this Christmas marketing strategy, make sure that users understand the rules to avoid any confusion. 

Christmas Bundles 

“Sharing is caring” this phrase applies to any situation, and Christmas is no exception. But this year, times are tough due to increased inflation. Consumers can’t afford the items that they used to before. Bringing down your brand’s total sales for the quarter. Hence it would be a wise decision to introduce Christmas-themed bundles. 

For example, if you are offering scented candles to your customers, just for another $5, they can buy fancy Christmas lights. If you don’t want to be specific, introduce a “Frequently Purchased Together” section. Giving consumers the freedom to add to their carts what they need. 

If you want to take this strategy to the next level, offer free gift-wrapping services. Individuals are likely to make a positive purchase decision if they know everything is being taken care of, including wrapping services. 

Share The Love

Christmas is a joyous time for some, whereas a struggling day for others. Hosting a charity event is the ideal way to go, as it can be beneficial for your brand in terms of marketing. You can offer donations of your products. Such as, if an individual buys a certain product, a dollar would be donated to the local charity. 

This strategy can help increase your sales and simultaneously benefit the underprivileged. A specially curated list of charities should be available to customers, or they can choose one themselves. Introduce this through your social media channels so that consumers are aware of your good intentions this festive season. It feels good when you know that a part of your purchase is going towards helping someone who is in need. 

Final Verdict: Christmas Marketing

It may seem like Christmas marketing strategies are a flashy and short-term solution to the marketing problem. But it’s much more diverse than you think. The holiday season is an opportunity for businesses to acquire customers, offer diverse products or even revamp their R&D department. The holiday season is a good time to make your business dreams a reality. 

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