Guerilla Marketing: A New Universe

Ideas for guerilla marketing is just the jolt of marketing you need!

It might come across as the strangest term known in the marketing industry, but that is the exact feeling that “Guerilla Marketing” invokes. Fairly modern but having its own historic value, guerilla marketing ideas have taken the business world by storm. As intense as it sounds, its impact follows suit. To the naked eye, it might appear as something completely bizarre, more like a shock to the system. But that’s the catch about it. Guerilla marketing joins forces with psychology to create an effect on the human mind which piques their interest. 

If you look at its history, Guerilla marketing takes inspiration from rebellion and revolt. Simply put, anything that triggers the human system. Constantly associated with terms like “unconventional, absurd and bizarre,” this form of marketing has built its niche in the market. It builds upon getting out of the box and staying there. It might not sound pretty appealing, but it cuts the deal. The idea is to offer something completely opposite to the audience so that they feel if they choose to buy a certain product, then it reflects the fact that they stand out from the crowd. 

Before we discuss the concept of how it is used, let’s have a look at what it means. 

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Quite plainly, guerilla marketing uses the “in your face” approach. It’s just like a situation where a certain thing shouldn’t be said, and someone says it. And the silence that follows through. That’s the entire point of this approach. It works well because audiences somehow submit to it. It’s a form of instant connection with consumers since the products marketed via this method are always etched in peoples’ minds. 

But remember, this approach cannot be implemented for every category. The beauty industry is yet to befriend guerilla marketing because it does not fit well with their ideology. However, it works wonders for digital marketing. People often misinterpret it as something unusual, but the interesting element is that a lot of creativity comes into place. Everyone cannot think out of the box, but campaigns are designed so that audiences, by and large, are surprised. 

How Are Ideas For Guerilla Marketing Used? 

Before saying yes to this marketing method, some questions need to be answered because the result can be ground-breaking but unpredictable. Are you willing to accept and bring change? Will you be able to maintain criticism? If and when your brand’s image changes, will you be able to maintain order or not? These are all questions that need a definite answer before going ahead with guerilla marketing. 

Since guerilla marketing is not for the faint of heart, brands must be extremely sure before going ahead. Chances are it can make or break a brand but mostly the former. It reflects on creativity and the ability to take the plunge. For example, Arkaden set up changing rooms on the street for their autumn collection. Completely bizarre, right? Who in their right mind would be fine with changing clothes in the street? But this campaign was created to reach people in a more accessible way. Somehow, guerilla marketing finds its middle ground to offer the best deals for the brand and its audience. But inevitably, it depends if companies are ready to take the plunge and deal with the criticism that comes with it. 

Benefits Of Guerilla Marketing

It Makes A Brand Stand Out

One aspect of guerilla marketing is permanent. And that is that it can cause a stir. It gives audiences a jolt and becomes the beginning of a conversation. Currently, there is no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to campaigns. The idea is always to cause havoc by marketing so that it shocks the world on a global scale. 

When campaigns project a level of absurdity and rawness, there are more chances of them being the talk of the town. And most of the time, it works for the brands. Conversation implies that a narrative is building, and the audiences are creating it. Quite frankly, this is an ideal situation for a brand that is looking to stand out without even spending too much. 

The Chance Of Going Viral

Which brand does not want to go viral? Let’s face it, every single brand aims to do that. With everything going digital, even business giants get confused about what works and what does not. That is the exact moment when it’s a sign to experiment a bit. That is when guerilla marketing comes to the rescue. 

But hold on, supporters of guerilla marketing are sharing something entirely different now. They feel that the only way to go viral is by not focusing on that. They believe if brands act on impulse and creativity then there is a higher chance of them making history. It’s more like a challenge to society. To offer something that does not remotely sit well with audiences but then making it a part of everyday life. 

Consumers also let go of the fact that even criticising a specific campaign actually fuels its success. Brands want viewership and sales. Guerilla marketing assures them of attaining these aspects because it invokes a sense of interest. The first step is to get shocked by it, then talk about and lastly purchase the product to know the deal. In this chain of events, brands get viral and generate sales, making it a win-win! 

Guerilla Marketing Is Budget-Friendly

Imagine what is better than creating a ruckus in the market without selling a kidney for it? The best part about guerilla marketing is that it does not cause a dent in a company’s project. So if a small business partners with this approach, it’s obvious they will be working within a budget. But the silver lining is that their campaign can cause havoc beyond their consumer base. And that means more sales and visibility. The visibility comes with a price. But, if you are creating a campaign on a budget and aiming for success without bounds, then guerilla marketing is the safest bet. 

Top Ideas For Guerilla Marketing

Graffiti Art

Graffiti also has a historic value which is why it pairs like a dream with guerilla marketing. Outdoor spaces, including streets, walls and alleys, are the main focus when implementing this strategy. Though you have to ask for permission because of property issues, brands usually strike a deal. Once that is done, these spaces become the ideal canvas to carry out practices that may surprise people on the go. On top of that, it’s the smartest tactic since people cannot miss the campaign while traveling to work or running errands. 

Flash Mobs

Yes, flash mobs are an extension of guerilla marketing. It’s a no-brainer that flash mobs make audiences come to a halt. It does not matter if someone is getting late to work because they will always stop and make a video if they see a flash mob on their way. Out of nowhere, a large group takes over a street and dances. It has to be an experience of a lifetime for people that get to see it. 

Scripted Stunts

It really depends from brand to brand, but sometimes publicity stunts give earth-shattering results. And it is also not a surprise that most of them are scripted. Marketers know what can shake things up a little, and a publicity stunt can top that list. An excellent way is to research pop culture and controversies to get the best out of them for marketing purposes. 

Brands usually follow through with these stunts and create their campaigns around them. For example, Oreo pairing with Super Bowl. Their tagline was, “you can dunk it in the dark.” Imagine the Super Bowl went for this tactic even when it has a viewership worth billions. The point is to stir things up a bit and shock the audience. 

Use Of Urban Areas. 

The urban environment is a fool-proof space to market in a rebellious way. These are targeted spots where viewership is automatic. Making use of these spaces can reach audiences that are restricted to that area. But since these spaces provide opportunities for digital marketing through multiple platforms, there is a chance that people actually visit these areas to see what the hype is about. Getting people to a specific area only to catch a glimpse of something is monumental. And strategies that are implemented via guerilla marketing have that knack. 

A Whole New World?

By now, you must think that guerilla marketing is a different world altogether. But bear in mind audiences get bored easily. They always want something refreshing and new. This is why guerilla marketing continues to give a shock when things become stagnant. Brands cannot stick to traditional marketing when the audiences are ready to come out of their shells. They are looking for extraordinary inspiration, and guerilla marketing fulfills that expectation. 

Featured Image: Moosend

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