Top SEO Ranking Factors 2022

Improve your SEO strategy with the help of these top-ranking factors!

If you’re running an e-commerce business, then an SEO strategy is a must. This approach is highly effective in driving traffic to your website. If you plan on holding ground in the digital marketing world, then delve deeper into the top SEO ranking factors. 

In the upcoming year, you can enrich your marketing strategy with the help of SEO knowledge. These tricks can help you grow your ecommerce business by increasing brand visibility. Creating content is easy, but making it visible can be quite a challenge. If you’re a struggling digital marketer, then look no further! 

Top SEO Ranking Factors

As long as you’re well informed about the top-ranking factors, then you can devise an appropriate strategy for your brand. Google algorithm sorts through endless search results to find the most relevant content for users. Your website can rank on the first page, too, if you implement the right strategies. Furthermore, It is the best time for business owners to explore SEO as a marketing strategy. From on-page to off-page ranking factors, we have shortlisted them all. All you need to do is implement small modifications to your website, and you’re all set. 

Keep reading to find out more about how you can improve the standing of your website!

Use SEO strategies for your marketing! (Source: FreePik)


This is a long-reigning ranking factor, and rightfully so. In order to optimize this element of SEO, you must use primary keywords in your title or URLs. When searching for the right keyword, you should opt for short-tail keywords. This will increase the chances of your website showing up in Google search results. You should also steer clear of using duplicate content, as this will affect ranking negatively. 

There are plenty of free keyword research tools available which can help locate the right keywords. WordStream is a great option for this. Make sure you use this data to your advantage by placing it in the Meta description. E-commerce websites should make use of this simple yet effective strategy. It is cost-effective and incredibly powerful in driving web traffic. 


When it comes to Google SEO, website content is a big ranking factor. You need to make sure you are generating original content, as this will significantly increase the chances of your website ranking higher on search engine page results (SERPs). The content has to be relevant and useful for the audience. 

Google’s algorithm is great at locating the best results for user preferences. To assist with this strategy, you can acquire the help of Google Trends to improve your content and keep it updated. This will set your content apart from others. Another important thing to note is that content length is crucial. It is estimated that in order for a website to rank on the first page, 1400+ words are required. 

Backlinks are great for boosting one’s SEO strategy. These links represent credibility and add to the value of the website. Backlinks are a strong ranking factor and are highly useful in increasing website traffic. You need to focus on the content of your site in order to earn backlinks. It can take time for a website to build credibility, and it can be highly rewarding once achieved. 

For backlinks analysis, you can make use of tools like Moz. For beginners, this should be on their list of objectives. If you can produce high-quality and relevant content, then you’re likely to acquire backlinks. 

Web Page Speed

Users prefer quick access to results. Therefore, web page speed is a top consideration. If a website is slow, then it will increase the bounce rate. This will affect SEO ranking negatively. In order to optimize this, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights. It is essential that your website works properly, as speed plays a huge role in retaining customers. Users will always prefer a fast-working website over a slow one. This is why it is a contributing factor to SEO ranking. 

There are numerous ways to increase web page speed. A simple way to go about it is by keeping your website as simple as possible and by not overloading it with content.

SEO is a driving force in digital marketing! (Source: FreePik)

Mobile Friendliness 

Mobile-first approach to website design is essential. For ranking purposes, Google makes use of a website’s mobile version. It makes sense for this to be a ranking factor as millions of users use their mobile phones every single day. There are Website tools like WordPress which can help you design your website mobile-friendly. The content displayed on your website should be right for smaller screens. This is another big ranking factor that can increase the ranking chances of a website. If a website is not compatible with a mobile phone, then users are quick to close the tab. Web design is central. Furthermore, If your site design is exclusively for desktop users, then you can say goodbye to your chances of getting a high ranking on SERPs. 

Site Security 

This essential component of an SEO strategy can make or break your website. You need to take measures to encrypt the data of your website. Sites without HTTPS are marked by browsers like Chrome. It is an established ranking factor. Therefore, site security should be prioritized. To achieve HTTPS status, you need to get an SSL certificate. 

Hubspot software offers free SSL. All e-commerce websites or blog sites need to consider this important factor if they plan on bringing in search traffic. It doesn’t matter how good your content is. If your site is not secure enough, then it will suffer in terms of ranking on search engines like Google. 


Accessibility is reliant on web design and web content. As a digital marketer in 2023, you need to make your content accessible to a diverse audience. You must focus on relevant and readable content. In terms of web design, you should keep it minimal. Users want a hassle-free experience. Therefore, it is essential that content be structured and presented with accessibility in focus. This is a good way to ensure a higher SERP ranking. 

A sitemap should be your go-to for this. A website should be designed for the general public. Users should be able to navigate through a website with ease. Therefore, efforts should be directed toward simplifying the user experience. 


Images play a role in SEO. With the help of images such as illustrations and screenshots, you are sure to reel in the target audience. The use of the right images can help in ranking as well. You need to add descriptions of the used images and labels as well. You can incorporate keywords into the image alt text to increase the likelihood of a higher ranking on Google search results. This on-page SEO tip is bound to help your website grow. The title of an image link should be simple to read. You can edit this with the help of software tools. Small changes like this can prove to be a great help in boosting engagement. 

Make use of this tip now and watch your SEO ranking improve! You can get creative with this form of content with the help of animation. There is an endless list of photo editing tools to assist you in this process. 

Core Web Vitals

There are three core web vitals, namely, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). The first one can be improved by limiting the use of complex content on your page. The second one can be improved by increasing the speed of your website with the help of page speed tools. The third one can be improved by resizing images with the same measurements. 

The core web vitals have a big effect on ranking. You should focus on making the relevant changes to your website if needed. This is a listed Google SEO ranking factor; therefore, the focus should be directed to this important area. Core Web Vitals influence engagement significantly. 

Customer reviews can help improve local search ranking. Google recognizes good reviews and sorts the relevant website first as a result. Location-specific terms can be a driving force in attracting search traffic. It is essential that you present your content with reference to the locality. This is a great strategy for local small businesses to increase their clientele. In addition, it is an excellent way of increasing engagement. SEO ranking can work wonders for small local businesses. It is an inexpensive and effective strategy. 

Social Media

If there is a higher number of website shares on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, then it contributes to SEO ranking. Although not directly. There is no direct connection between social media and SEO ranking; however, website sharing on these platforms can help increase engagement. 

There are millions of social media users who constantly engage with content. If an influencer shares a site link on their story, then followers are likely to flood the website traffic. This can help in establishing credibility as a site. In turn, it can help websites gain backlinks which make up a ranking factor. Therefore, social media does exert an indirect influence on google’s SEO ranking. It’s best to know all your options so that you can pick the best approach for your website. 

How to Keep Up With SEO Ranking?

A great way to improve ranking is by consistently updating and publishing content. By doing this, it adds to the relevancy of your content. If you have outdated content, then it’s best to revisit and edit that information. This will certainly improve your website ranking. Google search results display the most updated content, so it’s best to keep up with the latest developments. There is always room for improvement with content. Therefore, you should constantly edit your old blog content. The best part about SEO as a strategy is that it is a simple process. Anyone in the digital age can acquire the skills to perfect their SEO game. 

It would also help if you enabled comments on your blogging site. When people search queries relevant to your blog content, then the comment or FAQ section can show up in the search results. SEO ranking is an incredible way of gaining organic traffic. You should constantly be on the lookout for development in SEO practices in order to compete with other businesses/bloggers. SEO is an approach that is here to stay. It is best to get on board with this strategy if you want to be a successful blogger or business owner. It is a sure-shot way of improving your website’s standing on Google.

Why Is SEO Ranking So Important?

SEO ranking is a powerful determinant in driving site traffic. This strategy is a proven way of yielding high results in terms of engagement. Digital Marketing is the future which is why you should invest in these top factors now. SEO strategies are cost-effective and great for marketing. The ranking of a website determines how well a business will do in terms of sales and customer retention. E-commerce business owners must use this cost-effective strategy to their advantage. Before, marketers only recognized keyword placement as the main ranking factor. But times have changed. There are new and improved ways of increasing ranking. 

This knowledge can be game-changing for online businesses. SEO as a marketing strategy shows promising results. SEO is measurable, which makes it an excellent approach. The use of analytics tools can give a good idea to a marketer or website owner about the preferences of their customers. This in turn, can help them create the right SEO strategy. SEO enhances visibility which contributes to sales. If you’re an established online business owner looking to expand your clientele, SEO is your best chance. The new year brings with it newer challenges. It is important to keep up to date with the latest trends. Improvement is essential. 

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