Top 5 Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2020 [Editors Choice]

Create & edit videos with ease!

Apple’s recent iPhones are undoubtedly some of the best camera devices of recent times. From iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro, every phone has a camera that people use as their go-to option for photography and videography. 

While these cameras record high-quality videos, you do not always get the desired results. Maybe, your ideas are too deep to be matched by a camera, and you need other ways to display them in a video. This is where video editing apps come in. We know that you have several options available for your use, we can help narrow it down for you by listing the top 5 editing apps. 


The one for all professionals, LumaFusion, is undoubtedly the best video editing app. It is used by filmmakers, journalists, and professional film producers. 

LumaFusion’s features include six video/audio tracks for photos, videos, audio, titles, and graphics with six additional audio tracks for narration, music, and sound effects. Given that the app offers a magnetic timeline, it’s highly convenient for you to manage clips and navigate through them. If you are looking for a professional video editing app, Lumafusion is the one for you and costs only $29.99 on the Appstore.


Splice is another simple video editing app published by GoPro. GoPro offers some of the most widely used camera apps as well. 

One thing that we love about this app is how user-friendly and easy to use it is. Spice allows you to add photos, video clips to your project and merge them. You can crop, add text, add transitions, and other effects to your video. 

Just so that you don’t get confused when using the app, it refers to video clips as Hilights. Once you’ve edited your Hilights, you can directly upload them to known platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Our number two pick is a free app as well with in-app purchases.


iMovie comes as an Apple product and is a decent video editing app for your daily needs. It may not be the most detailed or powerful app for professionals, but this editor can surely get the job done for all your basic needs. 

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You can easily navigate the timeline by swiping on the screen, adding fundamental transitions, and slice clips. Moreover, you can import pictures and videos to your project, and use text overlays and filters for the clips. 

If you’re wondering why such a basic app is our number 3 pick, that’s because it’s free without any in-app purchases. iMovie is perfect for any layman who wants an app for basic editing. 


One of the most user-friendly, easy to use video editing apps out there is InShot. This application provides you with a complete editing package; it allows you to edit photos, videos, and even create video collages. 

Along with all basic editing options such as cut, trim, delete, adjust, and merge, InShot also offers support for stickers, emojis, filters, effects, transitions, color correction, and more. Additional features of InShot include adding music of your choice or the app’s library, and you can also rotate and flip videos. 

InShot is the perfect app for Instagram users as it allows you to edit your video in a 1:1 aspect ratio. InShot is a free app but also includes in-app purchases.


Videoshop is another highly convenient video editing app that allows you to perform several operations on your video clips. One of its cool and unique features is that it will enable you to record from the app directly. This feature makes the process fast for people who follow Vlogs’ trend. You can add a tilt-shift to the video and transitions as well. You can also add narration and merge multiple clips into one. 

After the editing, you can add themes and filters to your video and upload it to platforms like Dropbox, Youtube, Facebook, etc. 

All in all, Videoshop is a potent tool to meet your video editing needs. Just like the previous apps discussed, Videoshop also is a free mobile application with in-app purchases.

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We have listed these apps for all kinds of users. So, even if one of them doesn’t fulfill your needs, another will. With time, video editing has become more necessary while it only used to be a rare skill a few years ago. It is only because of such apps that people consider video editing to be a skill that can be learned and practiced on the go. 

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