Education Technology Tools: The New Way of Learning

Bid farewell to traditional classrooms and say hello to learning through education technology!

Education and technology have always been a lethal combination. Both entities have a wide variety of techniques. Both of them serve the purpose of learning and unlock multiple avenues to gain knowledge.  If combined together, education technology tools can revolutionize the way of learning. And it has done just that. 

COVID was a time when the world was restricted as far as education was concerned. The only way to sustain a classroom experience was by incorporating technology with education. Since then, the new norm has been online classrooms. It was like education in its entirety would’ve come to a halt if technology wouldn’t have taken the forefront. 

During the pandemic, it was the online classroom experience that helped teachers in ensuring that lectures were delivered, grades were marked and there was a proper system to maintain order. On the other hand, students still had the chance to complete classwork and not lose track. So much depended on these systems since people had to graduate. And it’s only because of EdTech that they’re following their dreams!

Before we delve deeper into how EdTech has changed the world, let’s see what it really means.

What is EdTech? 

EdTech, or education technology, is the practice of introducing information and communication technology tools. This practice helps classrooms to create more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning experiences.

Gone are the days when chunky computers used to be a part of student life. The entire classroom experience has been revamped by technology. Covid has put forth a completely new way of learning as every student now has a tablet or a laptop. This helps them engage in their classrooms and maintain a healthy lifestyle even when times are uncertain. 

The introduction of interactive projection screens and whiteboards, online content delivery and blockchain assistance are all forms of educational technology. They have made it possible for educators and students to retain a level of hope and learning.

Education Technology Tools: An Overview

The top tools to provide an excellent classroom experience are:


Zoom has taken the lead when it comes to the best education tools in the market. With its live video streaming feature, instructors can deliver lectures just like they do in a classroom. Students can choose to either ask questions in the chat box or raise their hands and then become a part of the discussion with just a single click.

Zoom comes with many other benefits. It has a one of a kind background to ensure privacy. Teachers can schedule meetings to have a one-on-one session and can restrict intruders from entering their lesson. 


Edmodo is a widely used educational tool that is more like a social network to link students and teachers in multiple ways. It is highly helpful for reaching out and connecting via ideas and discussions. Countless categories within this tool aid in keeping records for sick leaves or general accounts of student data. Project-based learning is one of Edmodo’s key aspects, which creates a space that is well organized and full of exciting activities. 


As a teacher, one is constantly educating their own selves while they create new learning experiences for their students. If you want an education tool that is specifically for teachers, Wakelet can be your savior. It allows teachers to gather, share and organise multimedia resources with their students. The biggest plus of Wakelet is that its absolutely free and works on all devices. This saves teachers so much time and makes their lectures even more interactive. 

AI-Driven Education

AI has been a game-changer for education. It has helped students progress in ways that could not be imagined before. Artificial Intelligence transforms the standard of way learning into an individual educational experience. When schools include AI in their curriculum, they are not only helping students to score better but are also improving their own ranking. It will provide students with an array of choices to study courses that interest them. AI has the power to make education more personalised so that students always look forward to it. 

Personal Growth Over Learning 

The new normal hasn’t left education behind. Over the past years, the focus has shifted from drilling concepts to attention being paid on personal growth. One cannot simply state information and expect students to remember it. The classroom must be more interactive and narrative-based for students to retain concepts. This directly affects personal growth and the ability to grasp topics. 

Education Technology Tools: What’s Ahead? 

The online education market has proven its importance in the modern world. This makes it, needless to say, that EdTech is here to stay. By including technology into the routine learning practices, it has assisted teachers in conducting classes with a new flair. Moreover, the teachers that have adapted to these technological practices have unlocked a new career graph for themselves. Students are also seen to be more productive and alert with the help of these education tools. They learn at a faster pace, and with all the information at their behest, they’re able to question concepts like never before. EdTech supports learning, boosts collaboration and is preparing students for a future full of opportunities. This makes it evident that education technology will only keep growing. 

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