Emerging Technologies to Look Out For in 2023

Which emerging technologies should I follow in 2023? We’ll answer this question for you!

Technological advancements have provided steadfast ways to communicate through instant messaging apps. It also includes social media platforms. Seniors can keep in touch with their loved ones. Whereas caregivers have new avenues to check in on aging parents or patients. The introduction of devices has made transferring money much quicker. You can purchase anything with just a single tap. Without any further ado, let’s tap into the emerging technologies that are going to rise in 2023.

The Rise of Metaverse

Simply put, the metaverse can be defined as a more immersive and engaging version of the digital world. Different concepts of technology would be incorporated into this universe. It would allow businesses to streamline their operations. The definition of a metaverse in the next five years varies from one business owner to another. For some, it would be centered around blockchain and decentralization. 

The internet’s future will be a hybrid of the concepts mentioned above. 3D content would be something that will help build the foundation of this new world. Mark Zuckerberg was responsible for bringing this idea to the mainstream audience. In 2023, this technology will take over various segments, such as banking to the entertainment sector. 

We have discussed theory and how different industries would use the metaverse. But let us understand the vision for 2023 by understanding what companies are doing in 2022. This would allow us to understand the scope of this advancement in technology.

Forever 21 and the Roblox

The metaverse is still in its initial stages of development. This did not stop various fashion brands from exploring this digital space. Forever 21 is one such example. The brand launched its presence in Roblox this year. It hopes to unlock a new target market and improve its share in this competitive marketplace. 

The metaverse in the future will be available on both mobile and post-mobile. There would be new ways to gain access to the store. For example, consumers would be able to enter the clothing shop virtually. All they would need to do is wear headsets or smart glasses. This would allow them to try out clothes from different brands virtually. 

Sustainable Tech: An Emerging Technology in 2023

Sustainable has probably been the most used word in 2022. It defines the future where everything is self-sufficient. In 2023, there will be a trend of sustainable tech taking over different industries. Companies would want to make sure that the tech they are using is environmentally-friendly, instead of one that’s harming nature.

When a company decides to go green, it creates a win-win situation for the brands and consumers alike. If a company is certified green, it gives trust to consumers that they are playing a part in changing the world. 

This means that data centers and blockchain technology need to become greener. Companies need to ensure they don’t waste valuable resources storing data they don’t need. It also includes discarding algorithms that don’t add value.

Super Applications in 2023

It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or an iOS device. Apps are something that you use every day. We use apps for everything from banking to shopping. But such applications have to be downloaded individually. Imagine a world where this is no longer the case. Welcome to the world of super applications!

One app with various functionalities. In 2022, the concept of super apps was in development and in 2023, it will become a reality. On average, individuals spend around 5 hours on their phones, browsing from one application to another. Imagine those hours being spent on the app rather than six or seven. You can think of super apps as a marketplace for services rather than products. 

Let’s look at some real-world examples for better understanding.

Brands Taking Charge

Wechat has over a billion users. It’s owned by Chinese tech giant; Tencent. Initially, the app started as a messaging service. But now, it allows consumers to book hotel rooms, make online transactions and even play games. 

Gojek is an Indonesian app that offers a plethora of services through their application. It includes food delivery, trans and even package delivery. The scale of this application is massive. It is the largest transactional technology application in Southeast Asia. 

Adaptive AI and Customer Experience

This type of emerging technology is closely linked to improving customer experience. As the name suggests, Adaptive AI can update its own code per the new data received by the system. This ensures that such marketing campaigns are created to increase the conversion rate. Adaptive technology intends to eliminate the gap between consumers and brands. This is done via streamlining information.

Adaptive AI consists of a single pipeline that tracks and learns new changes made to the input and output values. Along with its associated characteristics. It learns from the events that may change the behavior of consumers and brands in real-time. 

This emerging tech is able to consistently maintain its accuracy. Adaptive AI incorporates the feedback received from the operating environment. This is then used to create data-informed predictions.

The Advantages of Wi-Fi 6 5G

This emerging technology helps streamline communication through the power of the wireless internet. It would allow remote workers to access high-speed internet and make data transmission easier. 

Here are some of the benefits of such a technology:

  • Improved Mobile Broadband: high-speed video streaming in social networks and online services with minimal signal delays.
  • Mission Critical Services: The new communication standard will make sure the smooth operation of autonomous drones or remote intensive care units.
  • Serve Customers Easily: The ability to serve more customers in high-load environments or remote locations. 

This technology would ensure that remote work becomes common. People living in developing and underdeveloped countries have access to equal work opportunities. 

Humans and Emerging Technologies

In 2023, technology will see a wide-scale implementation. Those discussed in this article are most likely to be used by brands to skyrocket their conversion rates. Various industries would see a surge in technological implementation. Humans would learn to coexist in a world where technology takes over the tasks that the layperson previously performed. Technology is a new reality we should learn to accept rather than ignore.

Featured Image: Miro Medium

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