Tesla reveals all-electric Cybertruck; starting $39,900

The body and glass were tested with a sledgehammer and steel balls at an event in Los Angeles.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has revealed the long-awaited Cybertruck, an all-electric battery-powered pickup truck, at an event in Los Angeles, California. The company feels optimist to provide the consumers with the best utility than a truck and more performance than a sports car. 

In a bid to unveil the much-hyped project, Tesla’s CEO brought his tweet from 2012 and retweeted it with the news of its launch.

Well finally, today, the new Cybertruck is here. Elon Musk disclosed the dimensions, material, power, and price of it as well as revealing the product itself. The ceremony was live-streamed, and in case you missed you can watch it here.

Steel & Glass of Cybertruck

To demonstrate how ultra-strong stainless steel is used in manufacturing he called Franz von Holzhausen, Chief of Design in Tesla, to assist him. 

Franz, with the sledgehammer in his hands, stroked twice onto the door of Cybertruck. The door, however, survived with its all parts in connection, while the door of the traditional truck left with carved dent after the smash of a sledgehammer.

By that means, Elon was highlighting the exoskeleton of Cybertruck which is built for ultimate durability and passenger protection. The exoskeleton design is an advancement to traditional truck design which shifts the weight from the floor of truck to the sides, achieving similar stability but more solid sides. From Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to “Tesla Armor Glass”, each part is designed for impenetrability and unparalleled strength. 

To prove the endurance of the armored glass Musk proceeded with another demo. It followed the experiment of falling steel ball on regular glass and armored glass. Regular glass couldn’t survive the impact of the ball on its surface whereas Tesla’s glass remains scratch-less after being hit from multiple heights. The presentation then moved to test the steel ball on the glass of Cybertruck. Glass makes a big part of the roof and windows of Cybertruck.

The onstage briefing of Tesla’s CEO went for a dramatic interval when Tesla’s engineer knocked out armored glass by his stroke. The glass smashed there.

Oh my f—–g god

Elon Musk said when windows Glass shattered during live demo of Truck

On this instant, Musk murmured, 

“Maybe that was a little too hard, it has room for improvement. Aa! We will fix it in post.” [ audience chuckled]

Regarding the steel, Business Insider reported that Tesla is able to make it so strong because they use the same alloy metal, which is used in their Starship, rocket of SpaceX.

Capacity & Dimensions

The weight of goods that can be carried by a basic variant of Cybertruck is 3,500-pound, with the cargo area of 100 cubic feet. On the backside, the truck’s vault length will be 6.5 feet. 

Analysts tend to compare Tesla’s Cybertruck with its competitors. Tesla’s truck is 231.7 inches long, whereas Ford’s popular F-150 truck lies in between 209 and 250 inches. Ford’s truck has 80 inches of width, and Tesla’s Cybertruck has a width of 78 inches.

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The interior has a capacity of six persons and is quite spacious with good enough leg and head room.

Tesla-level Performance

In terms of speed, the Cybertruck can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds for the top-of-the-line model. Trucks off-road capabilities include an approach angle of 35 degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees.

Cybertruck available for Booking

Tesla Cybertruck will be available in three mechanical configurations, as shown in specs above

  •  Single-motor rear-wheel-drive
  •  Dual-motor all-wheel-drive
  •  Tri-motor all-wheel-drive.

and they have different variants of range respectively, which includes 250 miles with 7,500-pound towing capacity at $39,990, 300 miles with 10,000-pound towing capacity at $49,900, and 500 miles with 14,000-pound towing capacity at $69,900. 

Pre-order booking is available now on the official Tesla website. Production begins in 2021.

Whats more Tesla is cooking?

At the same event, the launching ceremony, Elon Musk also put forth a clue for his plans. He announced to build an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) product, which can be charged from the bed of Cybertruck, as reported by The Verge. Tesla’s crossover Model Y is expected to be released in the summer of 2020.

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Images: Tesla

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