V11 UI Improvements

The Tesla V11 UI is back with a bang. What improvements are in store? Read below and find out

After heavy criticism from the electric vehicle owners, Tesla has finally taken action. Elon Musk has come out and announced that users can expect multiple improvements in the near future. The CEO took to Twitter and assured customers that their complaints will be dealt with effectively. Let’s take a look at the expected V11 UI improvements.

The Major Concern

Since the release of the V11 UI, a wild uproar has emerged due to multiple issues within the user interface. The complaints gained publicity on r/TeslaMotors subreddit, a community which contains over 1.48 million users. The major concern has been associated with the UI system. 

Particularly, electric vehicle owners are unhappy in some aspects. Most likely the fact that features such as trip information, save dashcam, driver profiles, seat warmers, and tire pressure now require more clicks to access. It is proving to be infuriating for consumers.

The New Features

The V11 UI improvements has brought new extensive features to light. The most prominent features include a blind spot camera feed. Furthermore, the ability to edit waypoints has been introduced into the UI system as well. The Light Show is now customizable and users had high hopes for the revamp. But, it has proven to be the most disliked feature of the update till now. 

The new and seemingly ‘improved’ V11 UI update has not gone down well with electric car owners. The new UI system has completely changed its design from the V10 interface which has surprised users. The icons have also been seen as an unnecessary update since most old users were accustomed to the polished look of the V10 software. 

Image: Not a tesla app

What‘s Next For Tesla Owners?

Elon Musk has not given a proper timeline as to when these changes will be made. When replying to @tesla_raj on Twitter, he refused to give any proper updates and simply replied with ‘’Many UI improvements coming’. 

Tesla vehicle owners can rest assured that the company will fix the interface issues. Elon Musk has taken charge of the project personally. Tesla is known as one of the most receptive companies in the world. Many consumers are disappointed with the recent updates but the electric car vehicle company will soon release new and improved updates. Most likely, availability of over-the-air software updates will mean improvements to the system’s UI are near to completion.

Let us know what you think about these V11 UI improvements and when do you think they will be implemented?

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