Social Media Detox: An Overview

Let's delve deeper into the basics of social media detox!

Social Media detox refers to a conscious decision to eliminate the heavy usage of social media. As we all know, social media has taken over our lives. The apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter surround us with a world where everything and everything is accessible with one single click. There is no disagreement on how easy our lives have become but is that all? No, social media detox is essential to keep ourselves sane and have good mental health. Sanity and peace are among the most compromised feelings due to the overuse of social media, and detox is the only solution. 

How to Detox From Social Media

Believe it or not, detoxing from social media will take a lot of work. You are hooked to it. The obsession with social media does not go away in a day. You need to take the necessary steps and give yourself some time to finally break free from its cage. Listed down are the ways with which you can start your detox journey. 

Delete Your Social Media Apps

It sounds difficult, right? It is challenging, but there is nothing a human being cannot do once determined. The best way to kickstart this process is by deleting the app that is your least favorite. Delete this app and cut yourself from all the unnecessary information. Another way is to first delete an app for 12 or 14 hours.. 

Redesign Your Lock Screen

 How unique does this one sound? Yes, it is one unique way to redesign your lock screen and put up a few questions on it. The questions must include “What for, Why now”. These questions will make you pause and think every time you decide to pick up your phone. Often, we pick up our phone without reason and out of boredom. Redesigning your lock screen will alert you every time you pick up your phone aimlessly. Also, think of something else when you are feeling bored or lonely.

Give Your Phone a Bed time

Try to convince yourself that you cannot touch your phone after 9 pm, and that is it. You can experience a real social media detox when you accurately limit your phone usage. Keep the phone away from your arm’s reach when you go to bed. Once you know you are far from your phone, you will not try to reach it. 

How can Business Owners do Social Media Detox

Business owners are also susceptible to the unnecessary use of social media. Their businesses rely heavily on social media, and why not. Today, any business that does not have an online presence does not perform well compared to other companies. However, there is still a way for business owners to do social media detox. Here are some tips to go on your journey of detox;

Have Separate Accounts

The first and most important step for business owners is creating separate social media accounts for personal and professional use. Knowing that your account is only for business purposes is very helpful. You will not aimlessly scroll and waste your time on social media. It will help them to have a certain kind of discipline as well. 

Hire a professional

This is another way to stay away from social media and focus on your work life. Hire someone to take control of your social media accounts and help you with keeping up with the critical queries or tasks related to your business. A professional can also add value to your business by taking up the job themself and bringing in their flavor. This tip will surely help you continue your social media detox. 

Which Platforms Do Not Benefit You

It is essential to comprehend where our employees engage with us and whether or not it impacts our organization. We need to know if it generates a return on investment to determine that we no longer benefit from them. There is no need to participate and develop new material if your audience is not utilizing the platform to consume your information.

Benefits of Social Media Detox

Your sense of pride in yourself grows

Many of us may use social media to gauge how we fare compared to others, personally and professionally. Researchers have shown that many of us can get sad due to our tendency to constantly compare ourselves to others. Taking a break from your digital devices can help you refocus on what truly brings you joy.

You Feel Less Anxious

We try to see how many likes and comments each thing we post on our wall can get, which makes us competitive. Even if we don’t know it, this cycle of posting and checking can cause stress. We can break out of this destructive cycle by taking a break from social media. It will also help us to add other positive things to our routine. We can get out of the web very easily. 

No Fomo

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, affects all of us. If we stop using social media, we think we’ll miss out on important news or updates from our friends. The stream of constant notifications makes it hard to step away from your phone. The best thing to do is turn off these alerts. If a close friend or family member has important news, they’ll probably contact you directly.

Control The Strings of Your Mind

Social media is a blessing in disguise. There are benefits, but as soon as it starts taking a toll on your mental health and other aspects of your life, it is the right time for a social media detox. The strings of your Mind are intricate and only you can take charge of them. Training your Mind to give up on aimless scrolling is the ultimate goal to eliminate excessive social media use. So, be the master of your ship and arrange the strings of your Mind in a way that serves you the best.

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