Quick Tips to Optimize Your Profile With Free LinkedIn Banner Ideas 

Tired of your mundane LinkedIn banner?

LinkedIn banners can make or break your business profile. The more informative the banner, the higher the visibility. However, it needs some time and effort. You would have to brainstorm LinkedIn banner ideas. That’s something recruiters look at at first glance. Thus, it’s better to pay extra attention to what you post on your profile. 

Social media has become an integral part of representing your company online. So, if you keep your profiles relevant, it can impact your sales and profitability. Before we dig into the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn banner ideas, let’s take a look at the basics. 

What is a LinkedIn Banner?

You may have brainstormed many LinkedIn banner ideas but still no luck. It may be because you don’t understand the true importance of this picture. After someone looks at your LinkedIn display, they notice the banner behind it. This can serve as your introduction to recruiters. So, make sure the LinkedIn banner represents who you are. 

It’s often seen as an integral part of your business. The better your LinkedIn banner idea, the higher your chances of converting potential leads into paying customers. 

How Big Should Your LinkedIn Banner be?

The correct dimensions are essential when designing a LinkedIn banner. You should not overlook these small details in the design. That’s because it can blur out the key information you might like to highlight in the banner. You would not want to lose important elements on the company page. 

It is best to stick to the standard size of 1128 x 191 pixels for your company page and 1128 x 376 for your profile page. If you have no prior experience, it’s best to check software like Canva. You can customize your LinkedIn banner. All you need to do is think of something sleek yet engaging. 

But if you don’t know much about creating banners, check out templates for LinkedIn. They are already tailored to the optimal size. Just let your creative genius loose and brainstorm some LinkedIn banner ideas for your brand. 

What are LinkedIn Banner Features?

You can’t make a good LinkedIn banner without a few key elements.

  • Title and subtitle
  • Background color 
  • Logo or photo
  • Mission or motto 

For an everlasting impact, it is best to check the color palette. You can’t have the images and the font size not matching one another. It would not go well with your brand aesthetic. The goal is to create an impression on your target audience. That’s because first impressions are the most important. 

Why Do You Need a LinkedIn Banner?

Before we talk about different LinkedIn banner ideas, let’s see why we need one. For the most obvious reasons, that is the first thing someone sees on your business or personal profile. 

So, don’t forget to make an ever-lasting impression – they are super important. Remember to make a unique LinkedIn banner for advertisement purposes. This can help your business profile stand out from the crowd. 

The more engaging the LinkedIn banner idea, the better the results. You can attract your target audience to your social media profiles and websites. 

Need Some Ideas For Your LinkedIn Banner?

Here are a couple of LinkedIn banner ideas: 

  • Your job title
  • The services you offer your clients
  • Companies you have collaborated with in the past
  • Your personal hashtag (if you have one)
  • Business social media handles
  • Your email address and other contact information
  • A quote that speaks to you

It’s all about creating an impressive LinkedIn banner. This can attract and retain your consumer base. So, the goal should be to keep your audience engaged. 

Everyone wants their LinkedIn banner to be impressive and innovative since it has to attract and retain people’s attention on your profile. But the goal is to maintain a balance between style and formality. However, if you have no experience, you can hire a freelance graphic designer to make you an engaging LinkedIn background. 

No worries, if you don’t have the budget for it, you can check out free tools like Visme. They have free templates created by the best of the best, which are easily accessible. 

Picture of Your Customers

The best way to build trust and credibility with potential leads is through a positive social media account. You can put the picture of your clients as your LinkedIn banner. It gives everyone the idea to connect with you on a deeper level. You are not only a brand focusing on making big bucks but someone with the best interest of their consumers. This will show you are a client-centric company. 


A mission can help you create a positive impact on your career. You can elevate your image to the audience. This will give you some edge over your competitors. That’s because you are showing something that deeply concerns you. It can help your business put in a positive light as well. As a result, you can embrace new leads. 

LinkedIn Banner Ideas: Good for your Profile? 

Creating an engaging LinkedIn banner can bring some good publicity to your business or personal profile. It allows visitors to see what you stand for and whether they’d like to conduct business with your organization. As a result, your sales and consumer loyalty would speak for themselves. It can help make your brand stand out from the crowd. So, take time out from your busy schedule and brainstorm good Linkedin banner ideas. 

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