Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

This article looks at the best phone tracking apps that are integral to protection with respect to theft and monitoring devices.

It is no secret that technology has given us countless benefits. You can now know someone’s whereabouts using phone tracking apps without permission. Worried about your child’s circle and where they disappear late at night? Or are you suspicious that your employees are coming to work late on purpose? Your worries are a thing of the past as Android brings you the best set of phone tracking apps without permission that can help you pinpoint a person’s location. 

Best Phone tracking apps without permission

Best Overall Recommendation: KidsGuard Pro

Rated as the best tracking app for Android in recent years at an amazing 4.5 on ClevGuard, KidsGuard Pro is quite convenient when it comes to tracking. It comes with a built-in GPS system that lets you track your child’s location and gives you an overview of where they have been in recent weeks. In addition, the app can be installed in an Android phone that you want to track. It works in the background while letting you track the phone from your device. The icon of the app won’t be displayed as it works secretly in the background of the person being tracked. At only $8 monthly plan, the app is a must have. It comes with all advanced features like parental control and GPS tracking in one edition. 

Best Featured App: mSpy

The functionality of mSpy is what makes it the best option when it comes to phone tracking apps without permission. The app gives you access to your target’s phone book and has  one of the most visually pleasing monitoring experiences. Without a doubt, mSpy’ best feature is its ability to work regardless of the network availability. And the real time location provided is always almost accurate. The mSpy app comes in at a decent package of $70 per year and with its detailed features like call logging, it is worth the money. The app also offers multilingual customer support and over 20 features in total, for example, Jailbreak and many more. It is rated 3.79 on

Image: mSpy

FlexiSPY: The Device Control App

One of the best phone tracking apps without permission, FlexiSPY has been in the market for years now. Initially it started out as a spy app. But, with its rating of 3.87, it is a solid investment as it has the primary features that can prove useful. Moreover, it allows call listening and gaining access to messages all the while providing users with a powerful feature like Device Control.

FlexiSPY can give you full control over the other person’s phone and you can perform functions like taking a picture and gathering further evidence by accessing their social media accounts. Clearly it can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. In addition, the app also lets you check in on the target’s battery status, basically rendering them useless when it comes to lying to you about their unavailability. FlexiSPY charges $68 for one month and $149 for a one year package. However, with the special device control feature it is worth its steep price. 

Spyic: The User friendly App

One of the more user oriented apps, Spyic gives you the opportunity to track phones without permission by not requiring jailbreak to access all the important details in your target’s phone. Real time target locating is another feature it gives out which can be used to keep tabs on where the person is at all times. A distinct feature of Spyic is that it lets you track social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram easily and since life revolves around social media for most people, it can come in handy. The app will cost you $40 per month but with new features like geo fencing and keyword tracker it can be worth the investment. The app is rated 4.4/5 on its official website with over 3000 reviews making it a decent app to use in terms of phone tracking without permission. 

Image: Spyic

Comparison Table

KidsGuard PromSpyFlexiSPYSpyic
Price: $8 per month$29 per month$68 per month$40 per month
Specialty: Parental controlCall control, call loggingDevice controlUser friendly 
Rating: 4.53.793.84.4

So, there we have it, the best phone tracking apps without permission. We hope that our article helped you decide which app to go for and make full use of the features available. Feel like we missed something out? Reach out to us in the comments and tell us about your own experience.

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